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What Should You Consider When Buying New Construction?

If none of the prebuilt homes in the Louisville housing market appeal to you, you might want to consider new construction or build a new custom home. Whether you are looking for a home in the development or you take your plans to a custom builder, what should you include in the home? 

What To Consider In Your Newly Built Home 

According to George Davis from Pro Built Homes in Mentor, Ohio here are a few things to consider. 

  • Go green. To keep your utility bills out of the stratosphere, consider and Energy Star rated home that will offer the best features for keeping your heating and cooling bills low and your energy usage socially responsible. Click here to find builders who are Energy Star partners in our area. 
  • Consider energy efficient options. If you are looking for a home in a development, look for one that is energy efficient and consider any upgrades the builder offers that might improve efficiency. Such upgrades might include water-saving showerheads, low-e glazing, Energy Star appliances, whole-house ventilation,  framing with engineered lumber more efficient air conditioning equipment, rigid insulation on exterior basement walls, 1 inch of closed-cell foam in exterior walls followed by blown-in fiberglass, and an upgrade from open-cell to the higher-performing closed-cell foam in the roof.
  • Right size your home. What you want to ensure the proper amount of living space for your family, don't over buy. Though some recent surveys indicate that home size is increasing a bit, keep in mind that extra space means more house to heat, more house to maintain, and more house to clean. Ask yourself this: Do you really need a separate media room, home office, or living room or will a multi- function room do the job? The answer depends on your family. If you just had triplets and the breadwinner works at home, go for the extra bedrooms and the dedicated home office. Once you have verified that you have the number of bedrooms and other spaces you need, you can concentrate on adding upgrades, not square footage.
  • Think of the next buyer. Even if you are building what you think is your "forever home," keep in mind that the average America moves every 5 to 7 years. If you don't care about popular features such as basements, formal dining rooms, or second floor laundry rooms, the next buyer probably will. What you own the home, you can use the space for what you want, but it will be there to appeal to the next buyer.
  • Don't skimp on the kitchen. If you're like most people, your kitchen is your gathering place. When you're designing it, make it functional and comfortable, with spaces to prepare food, eat, socialize, and even work. Depending on your budget, consider putting any extra into upgraded countertops, beautiful flooring, and custom cabinets. If your cook, consider professional grade appliances. If you just boil water and microwave, don't let yourself be mesmerized by the looks of high-end appliances.

 Help For Your House Hunt 

Looking for a new home or an existing home that's for sale and has these features? As a Louisville Realtor® who knows the area, I can help you find a home in Jefferson County, Oldham County, and surrounding areas. Just contact me, Jessica Gaines Jarboe of Louisville Gaines Real Estate.


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