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The Low Down On Trash Pickup And Waste Disposal In Louisville

 Warning! This is a trashy blog! 

Now that spring is here, you will soon be drumming up plenty of trash. When cleaning your yard after a long winter, you will have bags of yard waste. As you clean and declutter your house, what you don't give away, you may pitch in the trash. You may even have old tires, construction debris, and appliances as you clean out the garage and basement. What are the rules for disposing of these items in Louisville? 

The city of Louisville, which became larger in 2003 through annexation of the rest of Jefferson County, only picks up trash from people who live in the old city of Louisville or in the newly created Urban Services District. If you live in an incorporated city, your own locale will have its own rules for waste disposal. If you live in an unincorporated area, you may have to contract with a private waste hauler. 

Rules For Waste Disposal In Louisville 

Within the Urban Services District, there are criteria for each type of trash you need hauled away. 

Household Trash

  • Household garbage is collected weekly at the curbside. You must place your waste in a city issued cart, unless you have an exemption to use cans. All your waste must be placed in the cart. If you have more trash than what your cart will hold, you can purchase additional carts or a larger one that holds 95 gallons from the city.


  • Want to recycle? You can obtain an 18 gallon orange plastic container at no charge from the Division of Solid Waste Management or purchase a 95 gallon recycling cart for $50. If you rent, your landlord will sell you a bin for $10. You can place your bin or cart out on your regular trash pickup day.
  • You can recycle all types of paper, newspaper, food-free pizza boxes, cardboard, glass, clean used aluminum foil, and plastics that bear recycling symbols #1-7. Certain recyclable items such as oil filters, inkjet laser toner cartridges, cooking oil floppy disk, DVDs and CDs and anti- freeze can be dropped off at staffed  locations, while hazardous materials such as batteries and paint can be taken to 7501 Grade Ln. on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 to 3pm. Click here for recycling guidelines.

Yard Waste

  • Yard waste, which accumulates quickly at this time of the year, can be packaged in plastic bags, but the city is considering a regulation to allow only recyclable containers, paper bags, or compostable bags in Jefferson County. Plastic bags do not disintegrate in the landfill, so other disposal methods would make it easier to process yard waste into mulch and compost.
  • The city picks up yard waste weekly, usually on a separate days from when your solid waste and recyclable items are picked up. If the pickup falls on the same day, when you are expected to separate yard waste from other trash. There is no limit on the amount of yard waste you can set out. 

Junk Disposal

  • Junk disposal is such a hot issue in Louisville that the city sends out a text or email reminder about the dates to anyone who signs up. Questions about junk are the top inquiries made to Metro Call 311, as nearly 14,000 people called about pickup dates while nearly 13,000 called about the type of junk you could put out. Junk pickup is scheduled for three times each year in the old city of Louisville.
  • On your scheduled day, you can put out as much junk as you want, but there are strict guidelines as to what is considered junk. If the item is small enough that it needs to be put in a container, you must use a plastic bag or bundle it up. The city won't accept items in garbage cans or cardboard boxes.
  • Want to throw our junk at other times during the year? Put it out and you risk a $100-$1,000 per day fine. However, you can take up to three household items to the Louisville Metro Waste Reduction Center at 66 Meriwether Ave. in South Central Louisville. Occasionally throughout the year, the center also accepts junk and bulk waste drop-off from anyone in the Louisville Metro area. You have a lot of drop-off tires, hazardous waste, liquids, fire extinguishers or propane cylinders, however.

Business Waste

  • If you have business waste, the city has a new recycling program for downtown. Businesses are asked to separate their wet and dry waste into different color plastic bags, while restaurants will be asked to use special food waste containers for food scraps that will be recycled in southern Indiana. Mayor Greg Fisher hopes that the program will increase the current 11 percent of refuse that is recycled now to 85 percent. The goal is to make the city more sustainable and save money by sending less to the landfill, which should cut collection costs in half.

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or just cleaning up, spring is a great time to clean out your home, garage, basement, or yard. If you follow the rules, the city will be a willing partner in your efforts. Click here for more information on waste policies.

 Buying Or Selling This Spring?

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