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Smart Phone Apps For Louisville Buyers, Sellers, And DIYers

In a digital age, that smart phone in your pocket does a lot more than make calls. Depending on your age, it may be your only phone. You may use it more for texting, playing games, and running useful apps that for actual conversations. It is invaluable for those things. As a Realtor®, mobile apps are a great way to show homes; if you're looking for one, using Zillow or Trulia app makes it easy to see what's available in your area. There's also a number of apps that make it very convenient when you're shopping for home, trying to sell one, or even doing home improvement projects on one that you own now. 

As a seller, when you're gathering measurements and pricing what you need to upgrade your home. The same thing is true if you're a buyer trying to visualize how your furniture will looking a new home or if you're doing some home improvement and want to make sure that your colors are right. No matter what you need to do, as the saying goes, "there's an app for that." 

Protect And Visualize That Space 

Here's an example for some of the many useful apps you can find in your local Apple Store, Google Play, or other app stores.                                                                                  

  • Houzz. Looking for ideas of what you could with unlimited time, money, and creativity? Houzz has 150,000 pictures of every room in the house along with design tips, and product suggestions. This app can save you time, especially as many decorators are posting to this site. 
  • Feng Shui Bagua Map. Staging home? Buying a new one? If you think that Feng Shui principles of room design will help you become prosperous and directed, this app can help you improve your interior spaces using its principles. You can check out the Feng Shui of a home you see or rearrange your home for the best flow.
  • Photo Measures. Taking a picture that you can transform to measurements will give you the data you need to evaluate a home you like. PhotoMeasures is a handy app to open in the store when are ready to buy drapes or carpet that is much more convenient that digging for that illusive scrap of paper you wrote the dimensions on.
  • Home Space Planning Design App. Need help visualizing how a room will come together? This  Home Space Planning Design on-screen tool will map out furniture placement for rooms and even add floor coverings and paint to give you a good idea of how the room could look finished and where the furniture will go.
  •  Home Depot. Here's an app that is like having an orange aproned staff members in your pocket. I will tell you Home Depot store hours and check inventory on stock items. Not sure how big a nut or screw is? The app will help you find the size. Need to know how much drywall to buy? Check the app to get square footage, plus a list of other supplies you'll need. The app has the same features to figure out how much flooring and paint you'll need and offers videos on how to do many popular DIY projects. 
  • Landscaper's Companion. Don't forget the curb appeal! Landscaper's Companion will help you decide what plants and shrubs will be  appropriate for your climate. The database includes about 25,000 plants that grow in North America and often show you pictures to identify them. Lack a green thumb. The app give growing tips tool 
  • Iris. Want a reasonably priced app to manage your home remotely? Move over, Siri, meet Iris! Lowe's Iris app and a Safe and Secure Kit that includes a hub to connect to your broadband router, a motion sensor, and a few window sensors will oversee your home security. With the upgraded Comfort And Control Kit, you get a smart thermostat and smart plugs to control electrical devices from your phone. The app is free, but you can upgrade it to handle more complex security functions 

Help For DIYers, Buyers, And Sellers 

The seven apps mentioned here are just a few of the many home improvement available for iPhones, Android, and other platforms. Whether you are doing some home improvements, preparing your house for sale, or looking at new houses to buy, many of these applications will come in handy. 

Ready to buy or sell this spring? Download some apps and give me a call on my smart phone at 502-432-1918. I'm Jessica Gaines from Louisville Gaines Real Estate and I'd like to help you buy or sell a house!


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