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Should You Consider A Moving Pod - Part Two

Using a pod or portable storage unit can revolutionize your remodeling or moving by offering space, convenience, and accessibility at a reasonable price. The beauty of using a portable storage unit for either of these undertakings is that you can load or unload at your leisure. When remodeling, you can bring back groups of furniture a room at a time. When moving you can take a time to bring in just what you need for particular area of your home. If there is a delay getting into your new house, you can keep the unit packed until you need to unload it and can even have it stored off-site. How much do they cost? Are there any disadvantages? 

Cost Considerations

How costly is it to use a portable storage unit? Prices vary, of course, but just to give you an idea, one Louisville company will deliver a 12 foot unit to your home for $225, a 16 foot for $250, or a 20 foot for $275. This price will cover a month of usage. A move to your new location might cost $50 more. If you need storage, add another $50 on to the cost. If you need the unit for more than 30 days, monthly rental rates are reasonable.

Using a pod can add a couple hundred dollars on to your moving or remodeling bill. Regardless of how long you use them, pods are rented by the month, which give you plenty of time to get your full value. Considering the cost of gas and aggravation involved in making many trips back and forth between locations or the possible damage to your furniture from moving it around in your house, the cost might be well worth it, even if you only need it for week or two. Convenience comes at a price that might well be worth it.

If you anticipate that your possessions will need to be in storage for a few months before you use them, you might be better off renting a storage unit and results served storage facility. The only disadvantage is that you will have to do an extra loading and unloading step, but it will be worth it for a long term storage.

A Couple Cautions 

Depending on the community where you live, you might need a permit to have a unit sit on your property. Make sure to check this out with your city beforehand. The concept works best with single-family homes and probably won't work well in a condo or apartment. Again, make sure to ask the management if the unit will be parked on private property.

Putting your possessions in a pod can give you a false sense of security that they will be in good condition after moving a few miles. Just like any time you move, you must still carefully pack your fragile and breakable items. Although many pods have strapping available to hold certain items in place, your boxes can shift around or be vibrated when in transit. When you get your unit, make sure to check out there any items that you are not allowed to transport.

Where To Get One?

There are many places in Louisville to rent portable storage units. Call for current pricing: 

With spring coming (hopefully soon) you might be ready to get your remodeling project started and start preparing for your move. Whether you're a buyer or seller, a pod might be a good solution for you. As for selling your home or find a new one, leave that to me. I'm Jessica Gaines Jarboe of Louisville Gaines Real Estate and I'd like to help you with your Louisville real estate transaction.

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