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Moving Pods - A Revolutionary Way To Move Or Remodel - Part One

Whether you're talking renovation or moving, the logistics can kill you. In either case, you are trying to clean out a space either so you can work on it or because you want to take the contents to another location. Portable storage units could be the answer to your prayers. 

A Great Answer For Remodelers

Picture this. You are replacing the flooring in your home, either because you can finally get the hardwood you've always wanted or because you trying to create an open floor plan that potential buyers will love. Or maybe you are removing that old popcorn ceiling and then painting the room. Your downstairs is filled with living room and dining room furniture, plus what's in your office and first-floor guestroom. As the work is being done, you dread piling up the furniture in one part of the area and then having to move it again to accommodate getting at the area of the room where you have furniture. 

The alternative? Rent a moving pod or portable storage trailer. You can have one delivered to your home, move the furniture into it, do your renovation, and bring the furniture back into the house. You remodeling is done and so is your need for the extra storage. You simply call the company and they will retrieve it. Many of the same companies also offer dumpsters, so if you're remodeling and pulling out flooring, walls, appliances, and more, you can have the crew put the materials directly into the dumpster. 

Simplify Your Next Move 

Or think of this. You're moving. You've gotten past the age where you can call upon your old college buddies to make a day of it, so you've decided to get movers. You resign yourself to making 1 million trips back and forth in the car to carry your good china, lamps, your computer, 1 million other things that you'd prefer the movers didn't take. Now, with portable storage available, you can move all the small stuff into the trailer and simply have it delivered to your new home. If you want to skip the movers, you can use one or more of these units for your move. 

With moving pods or portable storage, you can have the unit delivered to your home, fill it with your furniture, keep it a few days or a few weeks, and then have it either picked up or taken to your new home. Simple as that. 

What You Need To Know About Moving Pods

Here are a few more details:

 1.      You can order the size you need. Some companies like U-Haul have small 8'x5'x8' units that you can even tow yourself; if you have more stuff, this can simply order multiple units. Other companies have bigger units that can accommodate several rooms of furniture, an ideal solution if you're remodeling.

 2.      While in the pod, your furniture will be protected from the elements. The unit may be made of heavy-duty plastic, steel, aluminum, or construction grade wood and often has a translucent roof. Pods constructed of wood are more resistant to most, moisture and condensation.

 3.      The unit is secure, as you can lock it with your lock or one the company provides. If you have a load of your possessions in the front yard, you can rest easy that vandals cannot "shop" from your storage container. You are the only one that has a key.

 4.      While your possessions are in the trailer, the contents are usually covered by your homeowners insurance. If not, ask with the company that provides the container for their insurance options.

 5.      When set in place, the container is just a few inches off the ground, which makes for easy loading and unloading.

 6.      If you are not able to move furniture in and out of the storage unit, the company can usually provide movers to do it for you, whether at your house or at a new location.

 7.      When you are done with the storage unit, you call the company to pick it up. If you are using it for moving, they will drop it off at your new location and returned to get the empty unit when you're ready. Many companies can even handle out of town moves.

Looking to see pricing and terms for this handy service in Louisville? Here are a few options: 

For more details about portable pods can make your remodeling or moving easier, see our next blog. Want the chance to use one of these? Give me a call. I'm Jessica Gaines Jarboe and I want to help you buy or sell a home in Louisville.

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