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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

6 Ways To Enjoy a Louisville In The Fall

Though the cooler weather indicated it was fall before the calendar did, now is officially time to celebrate the season throughout Louisville
. Before the excitement of the end-of-the-year holidays, there is plenty to do in our city that will get you out in the crisp air and enjoying your neighbors. The fall events in Louisville included in list offers something for everyone.

September Events T
hroughout Louisville.

Before the excitement of the end-of-the-year holidays, there is plenty to do in our city that will get you out in the crisp air and enjoying your neighbors. The fall events in Louisville included in list offers something for everyone.

  • IdeaFestival: Held at the Kentucky Center for that Performing arts from September 23-27, IdeaFestival offers discussions and exhibits put on by global thinkers in the world of arts, business, technology, design, science, philosophy, and education. Unlike many events and family-friendly Louisville this one has its main events each day from 9 to 5 and is more aimed at adults. If you feel you’re in a rut and need some new ways of looking at things, IdeaFestival is for you. There is a session on Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM that is geared to middle school children. The event finishes up on Saturday, September 28 with a 5K run/walk. For information and a schedule go to www.Ideaestival.com.
  • Ken-Ducky Derby: The big horse race in the Lou is over for the year, but you can
     potentially win prize money while you help Harbor House of Louisville, which helps people with disabilities find jobs and learn to live their lives to their full potential. Over 25,000 rubber ducks will be dumped into the Ohio River to race to victory. You can sponsor one duck for five dollars or 30 ducks for $100, with many support levels in between. The race is at 4 PM, but the festival goes from noon to 5 PM and includes...

What Outdoor Home Improvement Projects Should You Attempt Yourself?

If you read our last blog, you'll remember that the newly-formed Home Project (HPC) surveyed homeowners about projects they thought were desirable and measured the response with those they said they'd attempt themselves. You can read the full survey here in the Council press release. 

Why Promote Does The Home Project Council Promote DIY Home Improvement? 

Why is this important to the HPC? DIYers feel proud when they complete home improvement projects, but many put them off as they await the day when they have money available to pay a professional to complete them. Tomorrow never comes for some homeowners, and they continue to live in their home without desired improvements they were unwilling to tackle on their own. Tackling outdoor improvements is DIY projects makes them affordable even for the inexperienced, so people are more likely to do them. HPC’s motto is “Remember that no one is perfect and mistakes will happen.” 

What Should You Attempt Yourself 

As a home show addict who also rehabs houses, I’m here to tell you that adding curb appeal to your home does add value. Poorly done projects take it away. The Council makes some great by encouraging homeowners to start small, get plenty of advice from DIYers and online sources, research both the technique and the materials you by, practice your technique, etc., but there are a few other things to consider. 

Some projects are very expensive to complete, plus have safety issues involved. An outdoor kitchen can be cheap if you’re talking about putting the grill and some chairs on the patio, but can cost tens of thousands of dollars if you’re talking about outfitting the area with durable all weather...

Is It Time For Some Louisville Outdoor DIY Projects?

Now that fall has hit Louisville in full force, you might be thinking about some outdoor projects to increase the curb appeal of your home.
Whether you are planning to list your home for sale and want to instantly grab potential buyers or whether you want to increase the enjoyment of your home, adding attractive features to your yard will enhance the neighborhood too. As with any improvement, the question always is what you do yourself and what should you contract out for best results. 

Recently, a group of home improvement experts launched the new Home Projects Council (HPC) to promote DIY projects that are manageable for most homeowners. The goal of the Council, according to Frank Owens, HPC member and Vice President of Marketing for the QUIKRETE ® companies, is to “help homeowners increase the value of their homes by not only identifying trends, but by inspiring and steering them to successfully handle projects without they help or cost of a professional.” 

The Home Projects Council Survey 

As one of their first official acts, they surveyed 1, 278 homeowners about what exterior projects they had planned for 2013. The respondents were asked to prioritize the value of home improvement projects, indicate the resources they would use, and rate the perceived difficulty of various projects. The respondents were equally male and female. They assess their DIY skill levels as 36.6% beginner, 54.8% intermediate, and 8.6% expert. 

The results? 

  • The top five most desirable projects, in the eyes of survey respondents, included: plant a garden (49.1%), use decorative materials, such as pebbles, stones, or rocks, for landscaping (28.3%), build a deck 22.8%), create a fire pit or BBQ pit (20.5%), and build a patio or walkway with concrete pavers or bricks (19.2%). 
  • The top five projects respondents were very likely to tackle...

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