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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Things To Chew Over In Louisville

If you grew up in Louisville, you know that the food is great here. Southern Living Magazine just confirmed this by including several Louisville restaurants to its Top 100 list of Places to Eat Now. This is great news, as it showcases some of the many fine eateries in our city.

Area restaurants on the list are Seviche restaurant located on Bardstown Road in the Highlands, 610 Magnolia in Old Louisville, and Milkwood and Proof on Main, both downtown. Seviche is a recent recipient of USA Today's "Ten great places for Latino flavor and flair." There are plenty more great establishments where you might enjoy meal for a special occasion.

From Fine Food To Fair Food

However, if you live here, you know that fine dining is not the only good food we have in town. As anyone who has been to the recently-ended Kentucky State Fair knows, what is offered at local fairs and festivals is pretty tasty though it wouldn't make Southern Living.  Much of what is served at the fair is on a stick, but decadent funnel cakes and burgers on a Krispy Kreme donut, make for a tasty handful. This year, even chicken and sloppy Joes are served with donut buns. Much of the food is what is served at any fair, anywhere, but specialties like Fried Derby Pie gives it a local flavor.

Food From A Truck

For the first time this year, the Louisville Food Truck Association was allowed to be at the Fair to offer an alternative to fried food. Offering a variety of sandwiches, fish, barbeque, pretzel rods, noodle bowls, and Bourbon Ball Brownies and other treats to cater to a variety of palates, the food trucks offered choices that were a bit healthier. These food trucks are a fixture at most Louisville events and even park downtown sometimes. You can see some of them at this weekend's this weekend on August 30 at the Maker's...

Consider A Functional Upgrade – A New Low-Flow, High Efficiency Toilet

In the world of home repair and remodeling, there are glamorous improvements you can make and there are functional ones. Unless you are transforming your bathroom into a spa, upgrading your toilet may seem like a ho-hum endeavor. This does not have to be the case. Why not? New high-tech toilets can save water and perform beyond your wildest dreams. If you do want high-style fixtures with lots of features, you have plenty to choose from. Even if have you have upgraded in the past to a low-flow model, you will be surprise by what's out there now.

Almost 20 Years of Low-Flow Toilets         

Even since 1994, low-flow toilets have been the norm for U.S. consumers. The government mandated that all toilets on the market must use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) to do the job. Early models saved water but did not always clean the bowl in onr flush. Manufacturers went back to the drawing board to improve their designs.

Starting in 2003, researchers in the U.S. and Canada started to develop standards  for low-flow toilets. Using soybean paste to simulate solid waste, they developed the Maximum Performance Test (MaP) to test flushing abilities and water usage. They found that the best unit, tagged as WaterSense models, use on 1.28 gpf and handle two pounds of waste. Nearly 1.700 models are MaP rated.

The High-Efficiency Difference

The best models on the market today have high-efficiency features that make them deliver clog-free performance. Think of that commercial for an American Standard toilet where the kid is flushing away a box of golf balls and other inappropriate items. The toilet performs because it has other amazing features such as gravity–siphoning with super-charged rim wash to both move waste and clean the bowl, as well as a bigger trap and flush valve – all while using...

Are Stainless Appliances Really On The Way Out In Kitchen Design?

For the last couple years, designers have been predicting the end of the popularity of stainless appliances in kitchens. Whirlpool recently came out with a line called "Ice White," the designated heir-in-waiting. A combination of a glassy white finish  with stainless handles, the new appliance looks different from the white appliances of the past and it is catching on with designers. In addition, some manufacturers have been bringing color back to appliances and even designed some with a retro flair. Is stainless really on the way out in kitchen design, or are the rumors of its impending death premature? 

The Usual Kitchen Trends 

Most kitchen trends tend to lose popularity after 10-15 years. That is why if you look back at former decades, coppery brown was popular in the 60's, green and gold in the 70's, black in the 80's, white in the 90's, and stainless in the '00's. Based on history, stainless will soon be history in the trendy kitchen. Stainless is less popular these days in kitchens on display at international home shows. White, often combined with glass, is already trending in Europe and Israel. However, in the US, stainless is still popular. 

The Lure Of Commercial Flair 

Stainless has long been the standard in commercial kitchens. Rugged and resistant to stains, corrosion and bacteria, stainless can withstand heat, spills, and splatters in a hectic restaurant kitchen. For over a century, stainless was used on some upscale homes, before it came into the mainstream. The product has an industrial, sleek, high-tech look. Since many modern homeowners love to cook, upgraded stainless appliances in high-end brands like Viking and Wolf offer an in-home gourmet workspace. 

Stainless As Status 

Stainless has become a status symbol that...

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