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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Take a Break and Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend in Louisville

It's Labor Day weekend in Louisville. The day has been a holiday in America since 1894, though the nature of labor has changed greatly. Whether you work in manufacturing or service, for a big corporation or a local business, or in a union or non-union, Labor Day honors you!

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer. Now, school often starts before Labor Day, but even for Jefferson County kids and teachers who started on August 21, Labor Day means a holiday before learning gets into full swing. There is a lot to do over the weekend to divert Louisville citizens, from WorldFest to from bluegrass festivals to flea markets to parades. For many people in the workforce, Labor Day means a day off, so here's to enjoying the many fun things to do this weekend - even if that means a backyard picnic. Here are some things to help you take a break this Labor Day weekend in Louisville..

8/31-9/2/12  WorldFest 2012 "See the world without leaving town" and enjoy the world culture on display at the Belvedere on the festival's 10th anniversary.

8/31/12-9/3/12 Kentucky Flea Market Spectacular  Explore 10,000 at the Kentucky Expo Center. Wrestling fans will enjoy meeting Honkytonk Man, Greg the Hammer and Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Unplanned Money Benefits Louisville Nonprofits - But You Can Help Too

 If you've ever been short of money to make your budget, imagine the plate of Louisville nonprofits who struggle to provide more benefits with less funds. Whether you talking about Louisville Dare to Care or organizations for the arts, that needs are always greater than what's available for operations or expansion. Imagine the delight over the last few weeks that some nonprofits must have felt upon receiving a large influx of money.

In Old Louisville, the Filson Historical Society hopes to expand its campus and connect a planned new building with the old Ferguson Mansion on S. 3rd St. the current home of the society. So far, the project has secured $4.2 million in pledges but needs more. Recently, James Graham Brown Foundation offered the historical society a $1 million challenge grant. For every two dollars pledged, the foundation will donate two dollars up to $1 million. This could put the society within $3 million of its $10 million goal.

When the Crescent Hill Woman's Club closed, former members sold the building to the National Fast pitch Coaches Association back in May, 2012. Former members donated over $324,000 of the $350,000 sale to a variety of Louisville organizations. The list of lucky donors included United Crescent Hill Ministries; Portland Avenue Community Trust; Family & Children’s Place, St. Anthony’s Outreach Center, Botanica for a proposed botanical gardens with a children’s area; Maryhurst, for abused and neglected girls; Center for Women and Families; and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. The University of...

Picture Perfect Sells in Louisville!

Now that times are looking up for sellers in the Louisville real estate market, is it still important to have a real estate agent who does an excellent job in marketing your property. How can you find an agent like this? Referrals from friends and associates are always a good way to identify an agent who has been successful, but you still have to do some research yourself.

One way to identify an agent who pays attention to detail important in marketing your home is to look at the type of pictures they have taken for other clients. Are they clear? Do they cover the important areas in the home mention? Do they show the house off to good advantage? Do they look professional? "Picture perfect sells"; bad pictures leave you wondering whether the house is a bad buy too.

All this may seem obvious, but if you look at a number of listings, you will see many pictures that offer a terrible representation of the home they are supposed to show off. Rooms are cluttered and shelves and tables are packed with knickknacks, magazines, and just plain junk. The shots are dark, so you can hardly tell which room you looking at. Featured walk-in closets are so packed with clothes that you would have to dive in, not walk. In rooms with mirrors, shots show the reflection of the photographer or clutter in the room.

We all know from the hackneyed saying "A picture is worth 1000 words," but what do those words say about the house? What do they say about the agent? Not all agents are photographers; those that are might be able to take effective shots, but the others need to call in a pro. Hiring a professional photographer is part of the expense of selling a home....

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