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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Boosting Attendance At The Upcoming Kentucky State Fair

Every August in Louisville, two events occur in a sequence so regular that even Pavlov's dog might see a pattern.  First, the Kentucky State Fair begins its two week run. Second, about a week later, Jefferson County Public Schools begin for the year. This year, the State Fair runs from August 15-25, while school starts on the 20th. Many families catch the fair during the first week as the last hurrah to summer vacation, and then visit at night and on the remaining weekend. Schools often incorporate field trips to the fair into the first week of classes.

Falling Attendance

Last year, fair attendance was off a bit. Fair officials made the point that the fair overlapped the start of school – but that is true most years. A more likely reason for the slightly lower attendance is due to external factors. Over the past couple years, the economy has been down. There are discount tickets available that knock a couple dollars off each ticket, but attending the fair is a substantial expense for a family, given the admission and parking fees, food costs, and tickets for additional events.

In addition, the admission fall off may have been tied to the closing of adjoining Kentucky Kingdom.  Many fairgoers enjoyed visiting the adjoining amusement park as part of their time at the fair. That park, formerly Six Flags, has been closed since 2010. Though the Fair has expanded its own rides to fill the gap, what they have cannot compare to the popular Kentucky Kingdom.

Weekend Parking Incentives

To attract more people this year, the fair is offering free weekend parking at the Green Lot of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Free shuttles will drop people at the fairgrounds to allow patrons to save the $8 fee. There is also a $5 lot at the old Executive Inn site that also has free shuttles. Using the shuttles will help visitors avoid traffic congestion along Crittenden Drive and Phillips...

Tips For Handling Local Moves In Louisville

If you were to ask homeowners for the three best real estate moments in their lives, the answers would probably be closing on a home, selling their current home, and moving into the new home. The actual moving process would be near the bottom of the list. Even moving from one Louisville neighborhood to another can be a hassle, especially as you acquire more "stuff" and fewer friends who are willing to help you  move it. 

During a local move, you must keep your eye on the prize of your new home and be not be overwhelmed by the myriad details. There are plenty of online lists to make your move easy, but here are a few tips for handling local moves in Louisville. 

Planning The Actual Move 

Decide how you will move. The choices ranges from hiring professionals who can pack, move your possessions, and unpack them to using a rented truck, a bunch of friends, and a case of beer. Using professionals can be pricey if you require all the services, but for a local move you probably just need the pickup and delivery. Even if you can't afford to hire movers for the whole job, it might be worth it to call in the pros to at least move some items for a local move, especially for heavy pieces. 

Consider a POD. One of the newest ways to move is to hire a POD, a large container that is delivered to your home so you can pack it at your leisure. When you are ready, the moving company who provides them will pick it up and deliver the POD to your new location. This method can allow you to organize your move and make fewer trips on local moves. 

PODS will even store your load until you are ready – a great option if there is a gap between when you need to move out of your old house and can move into you new one. You can unload the POD on your own timeframe. If you are refinishing the floors and aren't ready to...

Why Hardwood Floors Have Lasting Appeal Among Homeowners

Hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances are popular among buyers, even if they are not the major factors in deciding on what house to buy as they seem to be on TV. Any of these features can be added after the fact if the house you want to buy has "good bones." Of the three upgrades, both appliance colors and countertop surfaces are likely to be upstaged by the next best thing; in kitchen decor, finishes are popular for a cycle and then go out of vogue. 

Flooring Trends 

Hardwood floors are the most enduring preference, even though carpeting was the preferred floor covering starting in the 1950's. Carpeting prices fell, so it was economical to install, even in new homes.   New technologies made carpeting stain-resistant and easy to clean. By the 1970's, many new housing developments installed subfloors under the carpet instead of hardwood. Twenty or 30 years later, people wanted hardwoods again; currently the preference for hardwood vs. carpet runs about 50/50. 

Hardwood floors can scratch and do not give the cozy feel underfoot on a cold morning. These realities push some people to carpet, while others overcome these disadvantage with area rugs.  Small or even room size rugs can do the trick to prevent damage from furniture, provide a warmer, softer surface, and add color and style. They can be replaced more easily than wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpeting gives an area a lush look, so it has its supporters. For many of the pros and cons of hardwood vs. carpeting, see our previous blog Are You Part of the 51%? 

Why Hardwood Floors Have Lasting Appeal 

Why does hardwood appeal to so many people? 

They offer a timeless quality to a home. Though they need refinishing periodically, hardwood floors can last for centuries....

Pets On Vacation In Louisville

As you enjoy the summer, take in the local sites and festivities, and maybe even plan a trip away from home, you are never on vacation from your furbabies if you are a petowner. Should you take your pets on vacation with you? Whether you include your dogs in your plans or leave them behind when you take a trip, you must consider their wellbeing and make arrangements for them.

Should Pets Go On Vacation With You?

Many pet owners want their pets to go everywhere with them, but this is not always possible or even a good idea. Not all places are pet-friendly and for good reason. Loud, crowded environments can make your pets nervous, and in some settings, having your pet there can infringe on the rights of others. Before taking your pet to a new setting, plan carefully to make sure your pet will be welcome, as well as comfortable. Many public events, such as this weekend's Forecastle, as well as many events at Waterfront Park, prohibit pets.

Accommodations In Pet-Friendly Louisville

On the whole, Louisville is a pretty pet-friendly city as long as you are in control of your pet and clean up its waste. Here are a few things to consider if you planning to take your pet with you when you enjoy the city.

Walking your dog: Even if you have plenty of space for your pet to run at home, dogs are social creatures who benefit from interaction with other pets and who like to explore new things. Louisville has a chain of dog parks where you can let you dog run off leash, as long as you follow the dogpark rules. If you walk your dog on public streets or in Louisville parks, you need to keep him on a leash and pick up waste.

Dogs and dining. Most bars and restaurants do not welcome dogs (other than service dogs) indoors due to health regulations, but there are plenty of places where...

What's The Most American Way To Celebrate July 4th In Louisville?

As America welcomes the Statue of Liberty back into action for the first time since Hurricane Sandy, how is Louisville celebrating this great day in history?
Since the holiday falls on Thursday, it is the opening day of a four-day weekend for many. That may mean brats or ribs on the grill, cold beer, and get togethers at home or at local parks to celebrate July 4th In Louisville. For most people, fireworks figure into the mix.

Waterfront Park Independence Festival

Many folks got an early start by going to Waterfront Park for the annual Independence Festival. Usually an exciting blend of music, fireworks, and food in a great location, the Festival is also a venue to promote several causes dear to Louisville, such as Dare To Care, recycling, and environmentally-friend water distribution through  “Louisville pure tap® to GO” program. Though the weather for the Festival has been warm and rainy, you will get a glimpse of seasons, as Galt Hotel representatives will be on hand to promote their winter holiday productions, “Sing’n’Joy” and “Christmas at the Galt House Hotel.” You may need your umbrella at the park, but at least you can be happy you don't need boots yet.

Flea Market Extravaganza

If you love to flea market, you are in luck this weekend. You see over 600 booths of antiques, crafts, furniture, candles, bath and body, and surplus at the Kentucky Flea Market Fourth of July Spectacular July 4-7, 2013 at the Kentucky Expo Center. There is a free Kid Zone to occupy young non-shoppers while you wend your way through the booths.

More, More, More

Throughout the weekend, there will be celebrations in Crescent Hill, Jeffersonville, Phoenix Hill, and more where you can get plenty of holiday spirit. If you love...

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