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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Deciding Whether To Love It Or List It In Louisville

If you're a sports fan, you might yell at your TV when LeBron James gets a foul or an umpire makes a questionable call on a play that involves your team. As a Realtor®, I yell at home shows. Though shows such as Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Selling NY, or Income Property are as irresistible as junk food to a real estate agent, some pronouncements by the HGTV experts cry out for a rebuttal! I find this particularly true of Love It or List It, where an easily-offended decorator and a snarky real estate agent tried to either renovate the home so that the homeowners desire to stay there or find an appropriate new home.

How The Show Works

The design professional on this show works on the assumption that most people loved their homes when they bought them, but fell out of love as their family grew or their needs changed. By knocking down walls, reconfiguring space, adding some modern touches, and improving organization, many homes can work again, which causes the owner to rekindle their love. The agent shows an alternative that is renovated and has what the family needs.

Though I don't have the actual stats on this, many more people decide to stay in their refurbished homes rather than move. Aside from love being rekindled in a house that is now more functional, who really wants to move if they like their neighborhood, the kids' schools, the local vibe, the convenience to work, etc?

Many times, this makes sense, but all too often, homeowners overlook the fact that their renovated home lacks something essential for their long-term satisfaction. Will a stainless and granite-countered kitchen compensate for the fact there is still only one full bathroom for six people in the family? Will décor make more bedroom space for the family who's so cramped that there is one crib in the hall...

Drinking In The Best Of Louisville On the Urban Bourbon Trail

If you live in Louisville, you take for granted some of what people elsewhere marvel at. We are known for our bourbon here, and within the region, many major distilleries have set up shop. If you love bourbon or are fascinated with its history, you can visit the manufacturers along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail or follow the Urban Bourbon Trial that wends through local bars and represents seven Kentucky distilleries. An eighth distillery is joining the mix this fall as the historic Evan Williams' Distillery recreates its 18th century glory.

Urban Bourbon Trail And Beyond

This in itself is a plus. Some friends who wanted to try the famous Scotches made in Scotland were unable to find a similar tour in that country without arranging an expensive custom tour. Here, you can either take a tour through a company such as Mint Julep Tours or follow a self-directed one through Louisville, Lexington, Versailles. Shepardsville, Bardstown, and other cities. To help in planning your journey, you can download a "passport application" at bourboncountry.com or at the Louisville Convention & Visitors' Bureau. You can collect stamps when you visit each location and earn gifts in the process as you sample the best of Kentucky.

If you take the Urban Bourbon Trail, you can stop off at locations such as the old Seelbach Bar, the Brown Hotel, and Proof on Main to sample not just straight bourbons but specialty drinks like the Mint Julep and other local favorites, such as the Hot Brown Sandwich or foods enhanced with bourbon-laced mustard, sauces, and dressings.A New Twist On Local Bourbon

While you'll find bourbons from major distilleries such as Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, and Maker's Mark on the tours, some foodies hail the growing body of...

Don't You Just Love Porcelain Tile?

Don't you just love porcelain tile?
 Available in many patterns and styles, this product is harder and stronger than normal ceramic tile, and with a water absorption rate of less than .5%, it a great choice even in kitchens and bathrooms where there may be moisture. It is a great product for walls, backsplashes, counters, or even floors. Available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, porcelain tile offers many flooring looks –even if you want the look of hardwood.

Enjoy The Look Of Wood

While real hardwood is the material many homebuyers prefer on their floors, porcelain tile is a great choice for floors. Available in wood tones and formed like planks, it offers the fashionable look of wood with easy upkeep. It is resistant to spills, wet feet, and moist, humid climates, while being less susceptible to scratching and chipping; if it has "through-body" coloration like most natural stone does, it doesn't show chips. It holds up well in heavy traffic areas than wood or ceramic tile. Porcelain tile can be a great alternative to hardwood flooring.

If installed with matching grout, porcelain tile gives the look of wood. How can this be? Available in gloss or matte finishes, porcelain has become ready available with the advent of modern manufacturing methods. Advanced graphic techniques make it replicate the look and surface of wood. Whether you want the look of traditional or exotic hardwoods, you can create it in porcelain. For a special decorator look, you can even
add accents of glass tile.

Advantages Of Porcelain Tile

Though challenging to cut and install since it is so hard, it is very durable. As it is processed, the cutting process leaves little cuts that affect the porosity, so the product should be sealed periodically. For kitchens, make sure to buy a product that is rated as "slip-resistant."

The hardness...

Teen Volunteering In Louisville Makes For A Productive Summer

It's summertime, school is out, and your teens may have time on their hands. They need a break from school, but too much unstructured time quickly grows old. You want their summer to be fun, productive, and enriching, so what are their options? For a teen, volunteering can be an exciting option. 

Volunteering to Make A Difference 

Many organizations in Louisville need volunteer help from people of all ages. If you volunteer yourself, you may be able to bring your kids along to help out regardless of age, but many organizations would welcome teen help. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can make a difference. Even if your teen has a job, there are ways to help. 

In times when budgets are tight, volunteers help to provide needed services while offering the helpers develop new skills and promote the idea of giving back to the community. The volunteer opportunity that your child pursues could help them identify interests that may be life-long passions or even fields of study for future careers. 

Last year, over 18,000 people contributed $5 million in time through the city's Volunteer Center to help out all kinds of organizations, but many other organizations need help too. For all teen volunteering opportunities with the Louisville Metro Volunteer Center, click here.

Options For Teen Volunteering 

If your kids love animals, for example, the Zoo or animal facilities such as Louisville Metro Animal Services (MAS) could use their help. MAS could use help with office tasks such as greeting visitors, working with animals, working adoption counselors, or kennel care. The Louisville Zoo has a volunteer program for kids 13-18 who are considering...

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