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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Are Parades, BBQ, And Pesticides On Your Schedule This Weekend?

If you are like many homeowners, your Memorial Day weekend involves parades, BBQ, and lawn care. You might have started your weeding and fertilizing efforts weeks ago, but if not, the three day weekend is a good opportunity to get the lawn in shape through hard work and chemicals. Unfortunately, this springtime ritual of using pesticides has many downsides. 

Problems With Pesticides 

Your lawn cannot absorb all the chemical input, so 40 to 60% of the nitrogen in the product runs off in surface water or ultimately leaches into the ground. You can do the math, but Americans apply million tons of fertilizer and 70 to 90,000,000 tons of pesticides to their lawns each year, which means widespread exposure to chemicals. 

While some people are very sensitive to these chemicals and develop allergic reactions to them, most of us absorb the chemicals into our body with uncertain effects. Studies done by BeyondPesticides.org have shown high rates of asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems among farmers use large quantities of pesticides, households who frequently use insecticides, and among children exposed to herbicides before their first birthday. 

There is growing evidence that pesticides are harmful to wildlife. Honeybees are dying off while 60 to 70,000,000 birds in the U.S. die each year from pesticide poisoning. What makes the problem even worse is that besides the run off into land and water, pesticides are over applied, applied to adjacent areas where pesticides are not needed, can impact people, wildlife, and air quality far from the source. 

Few Pesticide Bans In Place, So Take Care 

While some pesticides have been banned in the United States by the EPA, there are plenty of toxic chemicals that are still available for lawn care. This is in strict contrast to Canada where certain provinces have banned pesticides...

Consider Location, Location, Location Within The House You Buy

Every time the economy gets bad, the size of new homes goes down a bit. Once the economy improves, we seem to  creep upwards in our preferences again. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average house built in 2013 was 2,679 square feet, an increase of 160 square feet from 2012. Trends about where people want the space distributed in a home have changed, however, even as the overall varies. Even for those looking to buy a an existing home instead of new construction want a home that is laid out to accommodate their own lifestyle and the size of their family. 

What Ikea Found Americans Want 

As a study by Swedish retailer IKEA pointed out, people want space where they spend time in the home. Having extra rooms for special uses is not as important as having room to enjoy activities and store their stuff where they spend time. They recently surveyed 4,000 male and female U.S. consumers between 25-54. Here are a few of their conclusions:

  • People feel cramped in the kitchen and long for kitchen storage, elbow room, and counterspace. 
  • In the kitchen, people love technology, but what they use is not high-tech cooking gadgets, but the TV, computer or music system. 
  • Bedrooms also lack enough storage space, so 54% of the survey respondents stored things under the bed. 
  • 65% of respondents felt the living room was the most popular spot in the house, especially when connected to the kitchen to make it open space.

Location, Location, Location 

The survey responses may not hit on what you feel is important in your home, but does serve as a reality check...

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