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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Make It Taste Like Home by Shopping Louisville International Markets

Since Louisville was largely settled by immigrants from Western Europe, especially German, Irish, English, and French immigrants, the demand for food that tastes like home has always been strong here. Over the last decades, many people of Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Russian, Bosnian, and Southeast Asian origin have flooded into Louisville and now call it home. Part of coming to a new country means acquiring new tastes, but having stores that carry what it takes to make native dishes eases the transition.

What if you live in Louisville and want to make foods that remind you of your ethnic roots? What if you want to try your hand at making some of the great ethnic foods you sampled in Louisville restaurants? Given the multicultural nature of Louisville, you should able to find a place that sells the ingredients that you need. When using imports from a local source with the locally produced fruits, meats, and vegetables, you can create your dish with a local flair.

Many local markets such as ValuMarket, especially the Mitscher Avenue branch, carry ingredients for international cooking. Places like Lotsa Pasta on Lexington Rd carries Italian, Asian, and other nationality-theme supplies, plus a selection of homemade Italian food. In addition, Louisville has a great selection of markets that cater to specific international food tastes. Here is a sampling of international markets:

  • African – African Market Millenium on Bardstown Rd. or Darou Salam on Beuchel Ave.
  • Caribbean - ...

A Seller's Dream: Multiple Bids on Louisville Real Estate


house, keys, price tageIf you saw the Courier Journal on Sunday, May 19, you may have noticed a familiar face in the Business section: mine. I was quoted as part of an article on what is happening in Louisville real estates. For the first time in several years, we are seeing multiple bids on Louisville homes for sale.

There is no hard data on how many sales see multiple offers, but many agents in our area are seeing the same. In my own case, this has happened on four of my current 14 pending sales.

This is extremely good news for sellers –and for buyers who plan to occupy the homes.  In the past, investors got saw deals on bank-owned properties and got into bidding wars, but as I mentioned in the paper, “for regular, vanilla, Mr. Buyer and Mrs. Seller, you weren’t really seeing it past 2006 or 2007.”

Here is the deal though. Homes that bring multiple offers are in great shape and are priced right. Many buyers want homes in “move-in” condition and are willing to fight for them. Assuming that the price is right, it is my experience that will happen.


Enjoy Local at the Buy Local First Fair


If you believe that buying local helps Louisville, you’ll want to put the Buy Local First Fair on your calendar. Held on Sunday, May 20 from 2– 6 PM at the Louisville Visual Arts Association in the Water Tower at 3005 River Road, the fair will spotlight locally owned and operated boutiques, shops, galleries, breweries, restaurants, and businesses. You can enjoy some good Louisville food and beer, bring home some treasures made by local artists, and become more aware of services provided by entrepreneurs right here in our city. Even farmers markets will be represented at the fair, so you can enjoy raw snacks or take home a bag of local produce if you are looking for an alternative to the delicious prepared food.

If you enjoy collecting T-shirts from local events, the shirt from this fair is definitely a keeper a pair of glasses, inscribed with the words “Buy Local,” are perched above a big handlebar mustache that says “Keep weird with Louisville 2012” right below the wording, of course, picks up on the motto of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA).

Of course, there's nothing weird about buying local. Money spent in Louisville...

Get Your Rest on a Local Louisville Mattress


As I was writing my recent blog about the Great Bed Races featured as part of the Derby Festival, I got the thinking about local bedding manufacturers right in the Louisville area. Although we have our share of mattress warehouses and other national chains, we also have companies that make mattresses and other bedding nearby.

Right here in Louisville, that Giddings Bedding Company has made mattresses since 1942 when George Bernard opened the doors. Now made by the third generation of family members, the company offers regular size bedding and also special sized bedding for antique beds, which tend to be shorter. Giddings also offers Symbol Mattresses, a line of luxury foam mattresses, which are also available in standard or special sizes. These beds are similar to Tempu-pedic mattresses, which were founded in 1992 by Robert Trussel, a horse breeder from nearby Lexington.

In nearby Jeffersonville Indiana, the Bowles Mattress Company has offered quality mattresses to customers within customers within 200 miles of its factory since 1975. As a family-owned business, George and Opal goals sold mattresses directly to the public and to local furniture stores to local furniture stores. By 1981, the Bowles move their company to an old warehouse building at 1221 Street in Jeffersonville. This additional space allowed for business growth, so by 1990 the company expanded again and then added equipment to make for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Bowles supplemented their line of residential...

The Great Bed Race: Less Mud and More Fluff in Louisville

With the Kentucky Derby running today, many Louisville citizens are occupied with watching the race or at least celebrating it with home parties and other scheduled events. Excitement for the race has been building for weeks, as the city enjoyed the Derby Festival. One of the most interesting events of the Festival was the Stock Yards Bank Great Bed Race, held on April 30, the pre-race event that features less mud and more fluff in Louisville.

Teams sponsored by area corporations piloted beds along a figure 8 track designated by cones at Yum Center. Prior to the race, the 25 five-person team decorated the beds in keeping with this year's theme, Bedtime Stories. To facilitate steering, beds can shed some of their decoration during the race, but decking out the beds as part of the fun. Betting teams are paired off to run heats. The goal is achieving the best time, but teams pace themselves to avoid crashing at the crossing point of the figure 8.  Of course, when beds crash, the crowd cheers and traffic cones go flying

Needless to say, the beds that were raced were far cry from what's in your bedroom. Though the bed must incorporate standard full-size mattresses, they are mounted on a special four–wheeled frame, such as those made by Louisville's Knight School of Welding. The bed must be steerable, have exactly 4 wheels, and must follow all specs determined by the Kentucky Derby Festival. During the race, at least one team member must remain in the bed at all times.

The event is an actual race, with the fastest team proclaimed the winner, but beds can win as the Most Decorated, the Most Entertaining, the...

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