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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

A Time to Remember and Celebrate

 memorial day, cemetary

Memorial Day weekend is here.  Is there any better time to personally thank all the military men and women who so bravely serve our country?  We also must extend a heartfelt thank you to their families who also sacrifice a great deal in the absence of their loved ones.  I was so glad to hear about the Joining Forces campaign  that is trying to make life a little easier for our military families.  There are ways that we all can help military families.  We may have missed this year’s appreciation day, but just a simple “Thank You” can mean so very much.

Of course, on Memorial Day we must pay homage to the brave soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  I can’t imagine the pain their families are going through.  I hope it brings them some comfort to know how much we appreciate the sacrifice their loved ones made for our country.  There are many websites that are devoted to the loved ones of our Fallen Warriors....

I Hate That Color!


house, purple trimAs a seasoned Realtor®, I can't tell you how many times I have heard that phrase. I have finally found you that perfect Louisville home...you know, the one that meets all of your requirements. I mean everything you asked for, even the fish pond in the backyard. Yet, you don't want to write a contract. Why? Because you hate the color of the house. I have to spend hours convincing you that this is purely a cosmetic issue.

Oh, yes, this happens all the time. Don't let something cosmetic keep you from purchasing your dream home. Have the home inspected. If the home passes the inspection, or the seller is willing to work with you on the costs of any repairs required by the inspection, buy the paint...or better yet, have it professionally painted! This logic not only applies to the color of the paint, but any other cosmetic issues that can be rectified fairly inexpensively. If it is something major, like replacing the kitchen counter tops with the granite counter tops that you just can't live without, include an allowance for this in your contract. It never hurts to try, especially in today's market.

Today's economy favors the home buyer. This is...

Louisville Has Gone to the Dogs!

Louisville, a city with lots of parks and places to play outdoors, has gone to the dogs…literally! There are four Louisville dog parks run by the Louisville Dog Run Association...

Making Your Louisville Home Energy Efficient

We hear a lot of tips on making your home more “green,” but did you know that making your Louisville home energy efficient can make a critical difference when you decide to sell your home? Many buyers check the average cost of the utilities for a home. Having lower electric and water bills can make your property more attractive than others. Here are a few inexpensive changes that can help lower your monthly bills.

Get with the Program!

Using a programmable thermostat can save the average family up to 10% on their heating and cooling costs per year. When you are sleeping or away from home, setting the temperature to a lower setting in the winter and a higher setting in the summer can make a big difference in your bill. With a programmable thermostat you can have the temperature return to your comfort level right before you get home or wake up!


Rebuilding after the Storm - Louisville's Crescent Hill

biggest outbreaks of deadly tornadoes we have seen in the last 37 years. It brings back haunting memories for many people in Louisville. In April of 1974 the Tornado Super Outbreak touched the lives of the people of Louisvillein a very dramatic way. But out of the devastation, one Louisville neighborhood came back stronger than ever! There is hope for those communities that have been destroyed; may you find hope for rebuilding after the storm in the story of Louisville's Crescent Hill.

Before the Storm

Just four miles east of Louisville's downtown area, you will find Crescent Hill. One of the first things people notice about Crescent Hill is the small hometown feel. Frankfort Avenue runs right through its heart with shops, bakeries and great places to eat. This road was actually the original pioneer road; the Louisville-Lexington Turnpike. Crescent Hill was officially annexed into Louisville in the late 1800's and was a thriving community where the prominent citizens of Louisville lived.

Crescent Hill has always had a great sense of community, the residencts have taken great pride in their town. Over the years, several neighborhood clubs have emerged to keep Crescent Hill a thriving community. These clubs have helped this small suburb overcome many obstacles brought to its doors by changing times and even by Mother Nature herself.

The Storm

Crescent Hill faced several challenges in its history. The city opened its doors to its neighboring communities in 1937 when downtown Louisville was flooded. It survived the great suburban exodus of the 1950's. But it was the storm of 1974 that dealt the greatest blow as a tornado nearly destroyed the area.

April 3-4 of 1974 is known as the Super...

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