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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Enjoying The Kentucky Derby From The Infield

Are you going to the Kentucky Derby? If you wanted to hob knob with the rich and famous or even have a seat at the Derby, you probably planned your trip long ago. Traditionally, Derby tickets for the next year's race go on sale the day after the current race is run. Now, a week before the Derby, there are 4,200 tickets available in Lower Clubhouse 110 that range from $500-$1270 each, and random tickets available throughout the park that can cost well into the thousands. The most widely available tickets are General Admission tickets for standing in the infield.

 Your Derby Experience In The Infield

The infield tickets are $50, each plus parking. They are offer access to first-floor paddock and infield areas, but not to reserved seating areas or hospitality areas. As a general admission ticket holder, you cannot actually see the race and received no program unless you buy one. You can enjoy the party like atmosphere and even wear a hat. If you are the type of person who goes to an event for the experience, general admission tickets might appeal to you.

Derby veterans suggest that if you are opting for the infield, arriving early is the key to a good space along the fence. In the past, people have started to form a line at 3am, but the gates to not open until 8 AM. If you get there by 7:30 am, you have a good chance of getting a decent fence spot.

Infield Attire

For those who have tickets for the grandstand, bleachers, or "millionaires Row," dressing up is part of the Derby experience. Fancy hats are the order of the day. If you stand in the infield, you are likely to be amidst pockets of inebriated college students, so there is no dress code. Many people in this area tend to wear hats, that often caricature the hats worn in the fancier sections. Many make political or social statements and are whimsical. Aside from the optional hats, it is wise to dress for the infield based on the weather. Typically this...

Up, Up, And Away As Great Balloon Race Sets Off Derby Week

Today, the last Sunday in April, 30 hot air balloons lifted off into the sky from Bowman's Field as part of the Great Balloon Race, the first event in the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby. The winners of the race are determined by which crew member throws a bag of Kentucky bluegrass closest to a big white X on the ground, but the crowd-pleasing event is a great way to promote Louisville and community fun. 

Many families start off the day at the race and then continue on to the ongoing Kroger's Fest-A-Ville on the Waterfront, a series of events involving music, food, and the outdoors that will run through May 2. 

What's On Tap For Today? 

Highlights for Sunday include: 

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