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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Something's Buzzing in Sweet Louisville

Urban beekeeping keeps Louisville buzzingSince December, 2009, the population of Louisville has exploded exponentially with the legalization of urban beekeeping. Recently, this thriving form of urban agriculture was in the spotlight as beekeeper Lorie and Ted Jacobs and their hives were featured on Ket's "Kentucky Life show," hosted by Dave Shufetts..

The Jacobs are part-time beekeepers from Brownsboro--Zorn who have two three hives in their back yard which they use to produce honey and for Derbee City Lip Balm, which they both sell and give away. With over six years experience, they are considered local experts. They were recently called upon to capture a renegade swarm at a home near Bellarmine University. They are quick to educate their neighbors on bee behavior, which poses no danger to them.

If you have ever seen The Bee Movie with jerry Seinfeld, you may understand why beekeeping has been a passion for the Jacobs and the many other beekeepers throughout Louisville. Bees are not “pests,”  perform an important service in pollinating both flowers and food crops. Due to pesticides, disease, and even weather patterns, bees are dying off. Up to now, “gypsy” colonies of bees have aided American agriculture. Both commercial beekeepers and hobbyists have a role to play in nurturing...

Plan Ahead to Enjoy Thunder Over Louisville

With the Kentucky Derby just a couple week away, my pups are running for their earplugs this weekend while the rest of Louisville leads for Waterfront Park to enjoy Thunder Over Louisville. Offering a spectacular airshow and fireworks display that marks the official opening of the Kentucky Derby Festival that leads up to the race, the event is the top airshows and among the top 100 events in North America. With an expected release of 52 tons of explosives, it ranks pretty high on the noise meter too, but it is an exciting show that is just one part of a fun filled weekend. For a complete schedulle of what is happening, see the Schedule at kdf.org.

The fireworks show is produced every year by Zambeli Fireworks Internationale, which attempts to exceed the wonders of the previous year’s show. Set in motion from a command center in the Galt Hotel, this year’s show will synchronize music with the the explosive burst sof light to create a 28 minute show containing 57 pieces of music. Thunder Over Louisville has come a long way from its roots in 1989 when 20,00 balloons were quicly released after a daytime ceremony.

Held at 9:30 pm, the military-themed show caps off a 7-hour air show with 90 aircraft. Since 2012 is the ...

Buying or Selling your Louisville Home: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Loving the Louisville house you own one or the one you want to buy makes the sacrifices you make to acquire it all worth it. You really have the house for yourself and your family, but paying for, maintaining, and improving takes time, effort, and money you could allocate elsewhere and still show you care for your family.
As in other areas of life, love can get you into trouble if you love too much or love unwisely. This is true in real estate. Whether you're a buyer or seller, romanticizing your home can lead you to make some costly mistakes.
When you're buyer, especially a first-time one, you may find a house with features you love early in your search. You may jump at the chance to buy it even if you haven't seen many other homes yet. You may either overpay or commit to a house that is really out of your price range. Your love for the dramatic master bedroom with the spa bath may blind you to the fact that the home is in an inferior school district or in a city where taxes are particularly high. Just as love can turn into hate in a relationship when the light of day sinks in. You may come to hate the huge yard or the dramatic two-story windows that demand attention.
When you're seller, even though you need to move away, your inordinate love of your home may lead you to overprice it on the market. You may have put in lots of extras that reflect your taste and expect that the price will reflect your upgrades. When your real estate agent suggests how do price your home based on the market and recent sales in your...

Make Difference in Louisville - Give a Day-or a Week

Give A DayNo matter how old, young, rich, or poor you are, Mayor Greg Fischer is challenging all in the city of Louisville to participate in the 2012 Give A Day week, to be held from April 15 – 22nd. You can make a difference.

We all know that it’s the people in Louisville that make the city great. As we showed by our response to the recent tornadoes in southern Indiana in Northern Kentucky, we are willing to reach out and help others in our community. Especially in tough economic times, our compassion is not just needed in times of disaster, but in helping everyday people – and the organizations that help them – make it through. You may not be in a position to write a $10,000 check, but you can make a difference by contributing an hour, day, or week any of the projects compiled by Metro United Way or by doing any act of kindness. Monetary donations are welcome of course, but what many organizations need is your time and talent.

Organizations in need of help submitted projects, along with the number of volunteers need. Some, like the Volunteer sof America or Wayside Christian Mission put a mix of spring cleaning, spring landscaping and planting, and interaction with program participants on the list. Others, like St. Peter’s Evangelical United Church of Christ, a small church in the Russell neighborhood that reaches out to the neighborhood, needs serious maintenance by many skilled workers. It would be a dream come true to have these needs met next week – and even better...

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