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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Should You Consider A Moving Pod - Part Two

Using a pod or portable storage unit can revolutionize your remodeling or moving by offering space, convenience, and accessibility at a reasonable price. The beauty of using a portable storage unit for either of these undertakings is that you can load or unload at your leisure. When remodeling, you can bring back groups of furniture a room at a time. When moving you can take a time to bring in just what you need for particular area of your home. If there is a delay getting into your new house, you can keep the unit packed until you need to unload it and can even have it stored off-site. How much do they cost? Are there any disadvantages? 

Cost Considerations

How costly is it to use a portable storage unit? Prices vary, of course, but just to give you an idea, one Louisville company will deliver a 12 foot unit to your home for $225, a 16 foot for $250, or a 20 foot for $275. This price will cover a month of usage. A move to your new location might cost $50 more. If you need storage, add another $50 on to the cost. If you need the unit for more than 30 days, monthly rental rates are reasonable.

Using a pod can add a couple hundred dollars on to your moving or remodeling bill. Regardless of how long you use them, pods are rented by the month, which give you plenty of time to get your full value. Considering the cost of gas and aggravation involved in making many trips back and forth between locations or the possible damage to your furniture from moving it around in your house, the cost might be well worth it, even if you only need it for week or two. Convenience comes at a price that might well be worth it.

If you anticipate that your possessions will need to be in storage for a few months before you use them, you might be better off renting a storage unit and results served storage facility. The only...

Moving Pods - A Revolutionary Way To Move Or Remodel - Part One

Whether you're talking renovation or moving, the logistics can kill you. In either case, you are trying to clean out a space either so you can work on it or because you want to take the contents to another location. Portable storage units could be the answer to your prayers. 

A Great Answer For Remodelers

Picture this. You are replacing the flooring in your home, either because you can finally get the hardwood you've always wanted or because you trying to create an open floor plan that potential buyers will love. Or maybe you are removing that old popcorn ceiling and then painting the room. Your downstairs is filled with living room and dining room furniture, plus what's in your office and first-floor guestroom. As the work is being done, you dread piling up the furniture in one part of the area and then having to move it again to accommodate getting at the area of the room where you have furniture. 

The alternative? Rent a moving pod or portable storage trailer. You can have one delivered to your home, move the furniture into it, do your renovation, and bring the furniture back into the house. You remodeling is done and so is your need for the extra storage. You simply call the company and they will retrieve it. Many of the same companies also offer dumpsters, so if you're remodeling and pulling out flooring, walls, appliances, and more, you can have the crew put the materials directly into the dumpster. 

Simplify Your Next Move 

Or think of this. You're moving. You've gotten past the age where you can call upon your old college buddies to make a day of it, so you've decided to get movers. You resign yourself to making 1 million trips back and forth in the car to carry your good china, lamps, your computer, 1 million other things that you'd prefer the movers didn't take. Now, with portable storage available, you can move all the small stuff into the trailer and simply have it delivered to your new...

Smart Phone Apps For Louisville Buyers, Sellers, And DIYers

In a digital age, that smart phone in your pocket does a lot more than make calls. Depending on your age, it may be your only phone. You may use it more for texting, playing games, and running useful apps that for actual conversations. It is invaluable for those things. As a Realtor®, mobile apps are a great way to show homes; if you're looking for one, using Zillow or Trulia app makes it easy to see what's available in your area. There's also a number of apps that make it very convenient when you're shopping for home, trying to sell one, or even doing home improvement projects on one that you own now. 

As a seller, when you're gathering measurements and pricing what you need to upgrade your home. The same thing is true if you're a buyer trying to visualize how your furniture will looking a new home or if you're doing some home improvement and want to make sure that your colors are right. No matter what you need to do, as the saying goes, "there's an app for that." 

Protect And Visualize That Space 

Here's an example for some of the many useful apps you can find in your local Apple Store, Google Play, or other app stores.                                                                                  

  • Houzz. Looking for ideas of what you could with unlimited time, money, and creativity? Houzz has 150,000 pictures of every room in the house along with design tips, and product suggestions. This app can save you time, especially as many decorators are posting to this site. 
  • Feng Shui Bagua Map. Staging home? Buying a new one? If you think that Feng Shui...

Getting What You Crave: White Castle In Louisville

If you are from Louisville, dining at White Castle was probably one of your earliest dining experiences
. The classic chain, founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 and now based in Columbus Ohio, has been a Louisville institution since 1927. It's even likely that, back in the day, your grandparents stopped by early locations on West Broadway, West Liberty, E. Market St., or South Third Street to "buy 'em by the sack." 

These square little hamburgers grilled with onions on a steamed bun are considered by Time Magazine to be  the most influential burger of all times and to generations of Louisville college students, the most affordable. 

Back To St. Matthews' Steaks 

No longer five cents each, these little slider burgers, once called "St. Matthews steaks," are now very trendy. A new White Castle restaurant will open in March at 420 Shelbyville Rd. with amenities new to the porcelain clad castle-shaped building that characterizes the restaurant. There will be flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen island where patrons can watch their food being made. This will make the 24th White Castle in Louisville. 

Though this seems like a far cry from the company's humble roots, the chain has always been ahead of the curve on what people wanted and is known for its innovation. Here are a few interesting facts about the restaurant that has fed us: 

  • Designed to evoke an image of cleanliness, the buildings were actually white castles with a white porcelain enamel on a steel exterior. As gentrified as the amenities are becoming, the design has stuck over the years. 
  • Walt A. Anderson, one of the founders, invented the hamburger bun and was among the first to apply assembly-line thinking to sandwich making. He and his partner Edgar Waldo "Billy" A. Ingram developed standard instructions for making their hamburgers that restaurant in the chain used. White...

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