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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Do Your Louisville St. Patrick's Day Planning Now

With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, it is time to plan your strategy to enjoy the variety of holiday events right here in Louisville. Though the day itself is on March 17, Louisville citizens enjoy the wearing of the green for over a week.

True St. Patrick's Day lovers prepare for the day beginning on March 3, with the annual Wearin’ of the Green Dinner Dance and auction at the Boys and Girls Haven Gymnasium. Since drinking is usually associated with St. Patrick's Day revelry, you won't want to miss the Blessing of the Beer on March 8 at the Bluegrass Brewing Company and Brew Pub. A parade will lead the way into the pub, where a Catholic priest will bless all the official beer of the St. Patrick's Day parade, Bourbon Barrel Stout, on hand in the brewery.  The group will then proceed to up O’Shea’s on Baxter Ave. for the Tappin’ of the Keg. A representative of the Ancient Order of the Hiberians ( AOH) lead the crowd in prayer before the cask is tapped and served until it's gone. Let the holiday officially begin! Beer connoisseurs may sneak back to Bluegrass Brewing Company, for a taste of Celtic Hell, a beer aged in bourbon barrels for over a year.

The traditional St. Patrick's Day Parade is on Saturday,...

Relocate to Louisville for a Vibrant Job Market

When you're looking for a town to call home, you want a place that offers good employment opportunities for yourself and your family. Even if you relocate to work with a specific company, you want to make sure that you're not moving to a “one horse town,” with limited arenas for your talent. Louisville, Kentucky is the headquarters of several major companies that offer job opportunities at all levels, plus is a great town for entrepreneurs, too.

UPS is Louisville’s top employer. The well-known parcel delivery service UPS is based in Sandy Springs Georgia, but since 1980, Louisville has been the home of UPS air service, now called Worldport. Over 250 flights originate from Louisville each day. UPS has continually expanded and Louisville most recently in 2010, when it increased the sorting capacity of the Louisville hub by 37% to 416,000 packages per day. Since 2005, Louisville is also the hub for heavy freight. UPS employees nearly 60,000 people, making it Louisville's biggest employer, in areas ranging from customer service, package handling  and sorting, logistics specialists, mechanics, and more. In addition to over 20,000 full-time employees (FTE's), UPS provides jobs to college students and other part-time workers. Many of the part-timers participate in the coalition was Louisville colleges to allow them to pursue higher education have reduced or no cost.


Great Values in Historic Butchertown

 As a Realtor® in Northwest Louisville, Butchertown is one of my favorite neighborhoods. With a long history rooted in grist milling and the industry that named it - hog processing - Butchertown is currently a vibrant neighborhood where you can find a great housing value. The neighborhood is just east of downtown and bounded by the Ohio River to the north, Interstate 65 to the West, Main St. to the south. and Millwood Ave. and Beargrass Creek to the east.

Although Butchertown was established in 1796, when a grist mill was set up there, it became urbanized with the arrival of German settlers in 1827. Many became butchers, a trade relegated to the outside of town. The area, situated along a major Turnpike (present day Frankfurt and Story Avenues) and Beargrass Creek, was perfect for processing meat, dumping animal waste, and sending the meat off to other markets. The new settlers also worked in related industries such as tanneries, cooperages, soap making, agricultural supply, blacksmithing, and other needed services. In their off time, the new German residents celebrated their heritage by drinking beer and bowling at the Woodland Gardens.

Streets in Butchertown were set up on a grid by the early 1840’s, and named for figures in early-American history with names like Washington, Franklin, and Adams. Homes in the area are architecturally diverse, with most be brick or frame, in a style known...

Seek and You May Find a Great Loan on Your Louisville Home


Last week in our blog, we started to talk about how to take advantage of the current low interest rates in Louisville. Getting preapproval for your loan is crucial. Experts recommend that you approach several lenders, including banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and mortgage brokers, to see where you can get...

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