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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Being Festive But Safe This Holiday Season

Now that it's the holidays, your beautifully decorated Louisville home sets the scene for making more wonderful memories. Unfortunately, the lights and candles you use can lead to the tragic stories we read every holiday about some poor family who lost their home or maybe even a child due to a fire caused by a tipped over candle or defective lights. Fire departments around the country report that menorahs gone awry can set the house on fire too. No matter what holidays you celebrate, it's very important to take extra safety precautions to make sure your family remains safe. 

The Perils Of Excessive Decorating 

At the holidays, many people get into the "more is better" philosophy when decorating their home and use multiple sets of lights, electrically powered decorations, and candles displayed in special holiday holders. Even if you want to make your home look like something out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or The Great Christmas Lights Wars, make sure that your strands of lights are in good condition, without damage sockets or wires. Don't connect too many streams together, use worn-out extension cords, or hide cords under rugs. Make sure the lights for your outdoor displays are rated for outdoor use, and then install them on a ground fault interrupt or circuit. 

Christmas Tree Cautions 

While the lights on both artificial and real Christmas trees pose hazards, live trees pose a special set of risks. Especially this year when the trend has been to put up the tree as early as Thanksgiving (or before), you must make sure your true remains fresh throughout the holiday season. When buying a tree, make sure it looks fresh, and then when installing in your home, make a fresh cut in the base to assure it will properly soak up the water. Make sure to water your tree daily. If you have pets, make sure they are not either drinking the water or peeing in it. Even if...

Are Your Kids Begging For A Puppy For Christmas?

dog, poppyAre your kids begging for a puppy or kitten for Christmas? Even if it's just you in your household, are you thinking that a pet would be a good companion for you now into the new year? The holidays are a popular time to add a pet, but you need to shop carefully for the best one just as you would when shopping for a tablet or a bike. You should plan to give your new pet a forever home, so proper research will increase the likelihood that a particular pet breed is right for your family.

First, Consider…

First, the disclaimers. Bringing a pet into your household is a serious commitment of your present and future time and money. Are you prepared to handle the expenses and the drain on your time? Having your kids share in pet care is a good way to teach them responsibility, but as most parents know, many aspects of pet care fall back on them. You still have an obligation to the animal to make sure it is fed, walked, trained, and groomed, even if the novelty wears off with your kids. Can you handle it?

Holidays are hectic. Since pets, especially puppies and kittens, are demanding and sensitive to excitement, you might be better off waiting until after the actual holiday to introduce your new baby into the mix. Cleaning up accidents and acclimating a new member into your family can add to holiday stress.  

Anyone who knows me or reads my newsletters knows that I have two dogs that I am crazy about – Joe Cocker, a blond, and Johnny Rotten, a black and white parti-colored Cocker Spaniel. I got each of them near the holidays in years past and strongly recommend adding a pet if you are ready to take the plunge.

What Type Of Dog Suits...

Louisville Holiday Events For Kids

Christmas is a busy time around Louisville, with plenty of activities for kids and families with kids. When you mix this with kids' Christmas programs, shopping, helping out the needy, tying up the loose ends of the year, December promises to be busy. With so much to do, the best way to enjoy yourself (and survive) is to target the events you would like to enjoy. (There is plenty to do for adults who want to soak in the best of Louisville, but that's another blog!)

You can get a full schedule of popular events here, but here are a few of the categories you might want to explore. Many holiday events take place on the site of well-known Louisville landmarks so you can mix a visit to a great attraction with a holiday event.

Breakfast  With Santa

If your kids want to meet Santa of close and personal and you want the cute pictures that will result from the meeting, you have many opportunities to arrange this

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