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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Holiday Tips For Louisville Pet Owners

christmas, dogs, treeIf you have pets to brighten your life every day, they will be part of your Louisville holiday celebration too. As a pet parent, you want to keep them safe and non-stressed over the holidays. Here are a few cautions to make your holiday for you and your pets. 

  • As we noted in our last blog about common sense holiday tips, glittery trees beautify your home but pose dangers for pets. Curious cats and dogs can knock over an unsecured tree, drink stagnant tree water on live trees, or try to chomp on dainty glass balls.
  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly can be deadly for pets. Either use synthetic versions, or keep these poisonous plants out of the way of pets. 
  • Holidays are full of temptations for pets. The wiring from trees and holiday can be dangerous if your pet chews on it. Those batteries needed to run the kids’ toys are toxic to your pet too. Just like for small children, tiny toy parts can choke your pet.
  • As you enjoy the Christmas cookies, the fruitcake, the chocolates, and the spiked punch, keep in mind that none of these things are good for pets. No matter how much your pet begs, don't supplement his regular diet with rich, spicy human foods. Many human foods plentiful at the holiday, such as nuts, grapes, and raisins contain toxins harmful to pets.
  • Make sure to warn your holiday guests about slipping treats of the table to your pet or encouraging forbidden behavior, such as jumping on the couch.
  • Make your trash pet-proof...

Jessica’s Festive Holiday Common Sense Tips

reindeer. lightsHoliday time is one of the greatest times of the year to be a Louisville homeowner. You have your own personal space for entertaining, plus you can decorate to reflect your personality. Whether you make it look like an extravaganza worthy of Chevy Chase or Tim Allen or more a tasteful expression with lights in the trees and eaves, your home can be a welcoming place for the holidays. At this joyous time, however, there are some important holiday common sense tips to keep in mind to keep your home safe and energy efficient. 

Lighting tips 

Lighting your home for the holidays is beautiful, but can be costly. To prevent surprises when you open your electric company bill in January, make a switch to LED lights. These lights use 86% less electricity than other types and present no fire hazard. Other pluses? They are shatterproof and cool to the touch, which makes them safe around kids and pets - assuming that neither one yanks the cord and pulls down the tree. 

At the holidays, many people use more lighting than usual, from both electric lights and candles. Unfortunately, almost every holiday is marred with stories of homes destroyed and people killed from electrical and candle fires. This is true even for people who don't use Christmas trees. There are plenty of reports of fatalities and accidents from out-of-control Menorahs, too. However you celebrate your holiday, make sure you do not overload outlets or leave candles burning without supervision. Unattended candles...

Celebrate The Holidays In Louisville With A Rescue Dog Or Cat

With the holidays approaching, your kids might be begging to add a puppy or kitten to the family this year. While you or Santa should not make this decision lightly, a new pet to love might be a perfect gift. In Louisville, where many rescue dogs and cats await new homes, it is easy to bring home a four-legged gift. 

Are You Ready To Provide Forever Love? 

tree, dog, christmasFirst, the cautions. Having a pet is a big responsibility that goes far beyond the holiday season. Kids tend to ignore many of their must-have toys after they have them, but there is much more at stake if they ignore a pet. Dogs and cats are looking for "forever homes," so returning them to the shelter if they "don't work out" is a poor option. If you decide to adopt a pet this holiday, be committed. You may hope your kids will take some responsibility for the new addition to the family, but be prepared to care for the pet while the kids step up to the challenge. 

Second, make sure to pick out a pet that is appropriate for your family. Dogs and cats have personalities just like people do, so research different breeds before you make a selection. If you or your kids have allergies, you will find that some breeds that don't shed as much are less likely to irritate the allergies. Make sure to pick out a pet that is the right size for your living quarters. Great Danes and one-bedroom apartments seldom work. 

Third, when you're doing your research about pets, make sure you understand how much exercise different breeds require. Most pets need to be walked after a long day alone in the home, but some high-energy breeds need more serious exercise. If you know you'll have minimal time,...

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