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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

When You Are Thinking Of Moving, Come To Terms With Your Lifestyle

house, loveNow that the real estate market is improving in Louisville, you might be thinking about moving next year. When things were tight, you decided to make do, perhaps updating your current home. Now, you feel more comfortable thinking of options. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra bedroom, a bigger lot, more storage space? Moving might be the best way to acquire these features. 

Just as when you were buying your first home, you need to think about what you want in your next home and further prioritize what are "must-haves" and what are your wants. Unless you are independently wealthy or can build a home from scratch, you will still have to make some compromises in your next home too. What do you really want? 

Don't Be Swayed By House Love 

What is true in relationships is true with homes too. When you first see a home that is appealing, you may gloss over less desirable aspects. Just as you think a person's kind ways will make you less aware that they talk too much, you may think that a big lot will offset no garage. Once the "honeymoon" phase ends, you wish your mate would hold back some thought and wish you had a garage. 

If you aren't planning to move until next spring, you have some time to think about your drop-dead list - even as you know that "house love" could get you off track when you see a house that has some features you want. Here are some things you want to assess in your current home and your dream home. 

  • How much usable storage do you have vs. how much you need? Even if you intend to downsize, you need enough room for your clothes, your books, your tools, your stuff. If you like to pull out your appliances to use on your counter, do you have enough space?...

Special Treats From Louisville's Three Dog Bakery

dogs. cocker spaniels, cakeThere are three birthdays in our house this week, two for my lovable cocker spaniels, Joe Cocker and Johnny Rotten. Though these dogs live a charmed life the other 364 days of the year too, we prepared for their special day with a visit to the Three Dog Bakery located at 3929 Chenoweth Square. 

We came out with two cakes and some badges dogs, cakae, chairfor our birthday boys, who turn 3 (Joe) and 2 (Johnny) this week. The cakes exemplified the bakery's commitment to "fresh-baked all-natural, healthy dog food & treats" that use "human-quality" ingredients. Made with peanut butter and variety of other ingredients, they looked and smelled great. As you can see from the pictures, Joe and Johnny enjoyed the cakes. 

dog, cake,  eat, chairA world-wide franchise with about 40 stores, Three Dog Bakery in Louisville is locally owned by businessman Steve Wilson. Also the owner of five dogs himself, including Prescott, a black pug who has competed in the Westminster Dog Show, he loves having a business that welcomes dogs and their owners. He and his staff get pretty creative in presenting delicious treats and 

dog, nap, birthdaydecorating...

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