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The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

The Louisville Gaines Real Estate Blog

Choosing The Best Fireplace For Your Louisville Home – Part 2

Love the look of a fireplace but don’t like the mess? Have limited wall space for fireplace? Lack a suitable chimney? Gas and electric fireplaces address many of your concerns. As a Louisville homeowner, you can choose a new unit that produces warmth with the touch of your remote and has no soot to clean up and no polluted air wafting through your house. 

Charming Gas Alternatives 

Wood-burning fireplaces offer a great aroma in the romance of a crackling fire, but there are other alternatives that produce heat and the look of fire. Gas fireplaces, for example, offer the radiant and conduction heat of an open fire but are vented to the outside through a tube in the wall rather than through a chimney. Using either natural gas or ethanol fuel, they feature incombustible logs that cover the gas vents and use glass doors to block air. The units utilize internal air movement channels to maximize warm air in the house, but do not pull warm air from it. 

Vented models are considered 65 to 95% efficient, while producing little smoke or pollution and no ash or creosote. Ventless models are even more efficient, but the carbon dioxide and water vapor they release into the room can deplete oxygen create excessive moisture and even lead to lung problems.

Installation of a gas fireplace is relatively easy, even in a small space. Using a gas fireplaces even easier, as you can warm your room and lower your heating bills with the flick of a remote. 

Versatile Electric Fireplaces 

Another popular fireplace choice is powered by electricity from a standard outlet. The “flames” are really light refractions from LED bulbs which create the effect of fire without combustion and without releasing greenhouse gases. Noted for their excellent zone heating capabilities, they can offer up to 5000 BTUs of heat and easily warm a 20’ x 20’ room. Since many electric...

Choosing The Best Fireplace For Your Louisville Home – Part I

Given the number of old Victorian homes in Louisville, there are many dwellings with functional wood-burning fireplaces
. Even in newer homes, the fireplace remains an important architectural detail, although it is a secondary heating source. The National Association of Home Builders claims that fireplaces are among the top three features that new homeowners love. Virtually all area homes are heated by gas, electric, hot water, or maybe even oil, so people light fires for ambience, for extra warmth, and for holidays, but do not rely on it as their primary heating source. 

Downsides Of A Raging Fire 

Despite the fragrant aroma and mesmerizing flames of a wood-burning fireplace, masonry units are out of favor with homeowners. The downside of the captivating fire is smoke that lingers in the air, gets in the people lungs, and dirties up the house. Few older fireplaces are energy efficient as 8 to 15% of their heat escapes up the chimney. A fireplace sucks in air from the room pushes it up the flu, and draws in air from the outside, which can create a “negative efficiency” effect. 

Fortunately, fireplace loving homeowners have several choices that enable them to get a great-looking, environmentally friendly fireplace that warms the room at a reasonable cost. There have been developments in wood-burning fire technology, as gas and electric fireplaces offer alternatives as well. 

New Trends In Wood-burning Fireplaces 

Many new wood-burning fireplaces are built in factories, set in the house opening and vetted to the outside. Many of these are rated by the EPA and qualifying for energy credits. Because they more effectively pull in the air from the outside, heat it, and recirculate it, they produce less than 5g of smoke per hour. Not only are these units 50% more efficient than older, built on site models, they even include a clean feature that keeps smoke and...

Scaring Up Otherworldly Halloween Events In Louisville

If modern life wasn’t scary enough, many people use Halloween as an opportunity to increase their scare factor. From now until Halloween, you can find haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, ghost tours, zombie themed events, parties, and more throughout Louisville, right alongside trick-or-treat events and alternatives. Here are a couple off-beat activities that adults might enjoy.

Haunting Entertainment In New Albany

Many of these venues are created to be frightening, but there are some Halloween events in Louisville that are based on historical reports of haunting right here. In New Albany, for example, you can sign up for walking tours to hear and reminisce about hauntings, murders, and paranormal events over the years. Led by Gregg Seidl, the Nefarious New Albany Walking Tour will visit the site of the city’s first murder victim, Frederick Nolte, in 1819 and conclude with one that occurred downtown in 1994. Seidl will tell you about reports of hauntings, always accompanied by tales of infamy, betrayal, and other horrible things.

He claims he is not a believer in ghosts, but as he puts it “things have happened on the tour that I can’t explain.” For example, guests who take pictures on the third floor of the old Central Hotel find strange streaks of light on the camera that they cannot see in person. Now the site of the Havana Blues Is Restaurant, the Central Hotel had many instances of supernatural activity, as current employees freely recount. A paranormal group known as PATH (Paranormal And Truth Hunters) has investigated the reports in New Albany, but found no scientific reason for her what happened.

Some of the ghosts noted in the tour are quirky. One spirit who lived at the hotel is a little old man in a top hat and cape. At the Café 27 on E. Main St.,...

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