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Don't Get Too Trendy When You Are Remodeling To Sell Your Home

January is traditionally a slow month for real estate. Although I've been fairly busy, I know that when spring comes, life will become even crazier, as buyers want to buy a house that they can close by June, so they can spend the summer in their new home before school starts in the fall for the kids. Meanwhile, sellers want to list, in hopes of finding a perfect match with a potential buyer. 

Preparing Your Louisville Home For Sale 

If you're getting ready to sell your Louisville home, you may need to put some money into it to make it more attractive to buyer. What exactly are buyers looking for, especially those looking for "move up" houses? When they buy the second or third time around, people may have different expectations than first-time buyers. In any case, they most likely have more money to work with so their expectations of amenities may be more reasonable. 

Top Designer Trends 

What do you need to do to make your home appeal to one of these move-up buyers in 2014? According to a remodeling firm from Portland, Oregon featured on the National Association of Realtors blog recently here are several bold trends that buyers like. Here they are: 

  • Embellished showers: With glass frameless enclosures, glass tile walls, and curbless design, separate showers rock!
  • Built-in USB ports (U-sockets): Equipped with USB ports to power up phones, tablets, cameras, and more, these sockets are often coupled with an AC plug and will turn off the porch when the device is charged
  • Standalone bathtubs: Louisville has loved clawfoot tubs for ages, but other standalone designs are popular as well.
  • Bold appliances: Though stainless is still popular, brighter colors such as cobalt blue and red, along with Whirlpool's new White Ice, make a dramatic statement.
  • More modest decor: Move over kitchens with an industrial flare! Designers predict that rounded designs with earth shades, raw metal finishes, and wood will replace the starkness of industrial trends.
  • More intergenerational features. As older parents move-in and kids move back, homes need to accommodate different generations with private space and accessible features.
  • Eco-friendly materials: The cabinets of the past often degassed harmful chemicals.The wave of cabinets are chemical free and use adhesives and finishes that are non-toxic.

How Trendy Should You Go? 

Will all of these designer trends sell in Louisville? Should you tried to upgrade your home to meet these latest trends? Using environmentally friendly materials and upgrading the bathroom are always great ideas, regardless of what type of buyer you are trying to appeal to, but proceed with caution before embracing other trends. Ask yourself, 

  • "What is popular in my neighborhood?"
  • "What will increase the value of my home?"
  • "What would my realtors suggest?"

If your neighborhood is a sea of high-end stainless, you may be going out on a big limb putting in that red stove. Buyers might love USB charging ports, but will they pay extra for them? With neighborhood-comparable figures in hand, would your realtor suggest you remodel the bathroom to create an in-home spa? 

Before you go trend-crazy in your remodeling, talk to your realtor. Even when remodeling, it is wise to put in upgrades you enjoy it for yourself that also have a good rate of return when you sell. Some things you cannot expect to get your money back, so if you're remodeling, don't go crazy unless you are planning on staying in the house for a while. 

Ask Your Real estate Agent For Insights 

When you sell your home, you want a real estate agent who will be a good source of information for you about the Louisville market and what buyers want. As a Realtor® with a love for renovation and remodeling, I can tell you where your money will best be spent. When you're thinking of buying or selling, call me, Jessica Gaines Jarboe, at Louisville gains Real estate. I'll steer you right and suggest how you can make your home what my experience tells me buyers want. Contact me today!

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