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Selling a home

Don't Get Too Trendy When You Are Remodeling To Sell Your Home

January is traditionally a slow month for real estate. Although I've been fairly busy, I know that when spring comes, life will become even crazier, as buyers want to buy a house that they can close by June, so they can spend the summer in their new home before school starts in the fall for the kids. Meanwhile, sellers want to list, in hopes of finding a perfect match with a potential buyer. 

Preparing Your Louisville Home For Sale 

If you're getting ready to sell your Louisville home, you may need to put some money into it to make it more attractive to buyer. What exactly are buyers looking for, especially those looking for "move up" houses? When they buy the second or third time around, people may have different expectations than first-time buyers. In any case, they most likely have more money to work with so their expectations of amenities may be more reasonable. 

Top Designer Trends 

What do you need to do to make your home appeal to one of these move-up buyers in 2014? According to a remodeling firm from Portland, Oregon featured on the National Association of Realtors blog recently here are several bold trends that buyers like. Here they are: 

  • Embellished showers: With glass frameless enclosures, glass tile walls, and curbless design, separate showers rock!
  • Built-in USB ports (U-sockets): Equipped with USB ports to power up phones, tablets, cameras, and more, these sockets are often coupled with an AC plug and will turn off the porch when the device is charged
  • Standalone bathtubs: Louisville has loved clawfoot tubs for ages, but other standalone designs are popular as well.
  • Bold appliances: Though stainless is still popular, brighter colors such as cobalt...

A New Year's Message Based On Tips From Real Estate TV Shows

When the weather outside is frightful, what can be more delightful than watching hours ofgardens, landscaping HDTV? House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love It Or List It make for entertaining TV that also make for a good New Years message. As 2013 comes quickly on the scene, you might be thinking that this is the year when you will buy your first house, fix up your Louisville house to sell it, evaluate whether to make improvements that will make your current home workable, or decide whether a new property has potential or requires just too much work for you. 

Tips For Buyers And Sellers 

All of the shows offer some good tips to buyers and sellers, based on examples of what to do and not do. 

The home that inspired me to write this blog was one that had what is usually a desirable feature - a master bath right off master bedroom. The bathroom had been renovated, but the owner chose to cover every square inch of the room, including the area in the shower with mottled green and black tile.

All this tile might be an acquired taste that would turn off some buyers, but in addition, the fixtures in the bathroom were oddly placed. An extra wide door opened to a frontal view of the glass shower door and the toilet right from the master bedroom. (The toilet was positioned squarely in the center of the door). Bathroom users could keep the door shut, but the view proved to be a dealbreaker even when the fixtures were not in use. It was a little surprising that the Realtor did not anticipate the buyer reaction. 

Based on shows and on personal experience in Louisville real estate, here are some things to keep in mind. ...

When You Are Thinking Of Moving, Come To Terms With Your Lifestyle

house, loveNow that the real estate market is improving in Louisville, you might be thinking about moving next year. When things were tight, you decided to make do, perhaps updating your current home. Now, you feel more comfortable thinking of options. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra bedroom, a bigger lot, more storage space? Moving might be the best way to acquire these features. 

Just as when you were buying your first home, you need to think about what you want in your next home and further prioritize what are "must-haves" and what are your wants. Unless you are independently wealthy or can build a home from scratch, you will still have to make some compromises in your next home too. What do you really want? 

Don't Be Swayed By House Love 

What is true in relationships is true with homes too. When you first see a home that is appealing, you may gloss over less desirable aspects. Just as you think a person's kind ways will make you less aware that they talk too much, you may think that a big lot will offset no garage. Once the "honeymoon" phase ends, you wish your mate would hold back some thought and wish you had a garage. 

If you aren't planning to move until next spring, you have some time to think about your drop-dead list - even as you know that "house love" could get you off track when you see a house that has some features you want. Here are some things you want to assess in your current home and your dream home. 

  • How much usable storage do you have vs. how much you need? Even if you intend to downsize, you need enough room for your clothes, your books, your tools, your stuff. If you like to pull out your appliances to use on your counter, do you have enough space? If you underestimate...

Picture Perfect Sells in Louisville!

Now that times are looking up for sellers in the Louisville real estate market, is it still important to have a real estate agent who does an excellent job in marketing your property. How can you find an agent like this? Referrals from friends and associates are always a good way to identify an agent who has been successful, but you still have to do some research yourself.

One way to identify an agent who pays attention to detail important in marketing your home is to look at the type of pictures they have taken for other clients. Are they clear? Do they cover the important areas in the home mention? Do they show the house off to good advantage? Do they look professional? "Picture perfect sells"; bad pictures leave you wondering whether the house is a bad buy too.

All this may seem obvious, but if you look at a number of listings, you will see many pictures that offer a terrible representation of the home they are supposed to show off. Rooms are cluttered and shelves and tables are packed with knickknacks, magazines, and just plain junk. The shots are dark, so you can hardly tell which room you looking at. Featured walk-in closets are so packed with clothes that you would have to dive in, not walk. In rooms with mirrors, shots show the reflection of the photographer or clutter in the room.

We all know from the hackneyed saying "A picture is worth 1000 words," but what do those words say about the house? What do they say about the agent? Not all agents are photographers; those that are might be able to take effective shots, but the others need to call in a pro. Hiring a professional photographer is part of the expense of selling a home. Having a smartphone...

What's More American Than Buying or Selling a Louisville Home

With the approach of the most American of holidays, we consider what represents our country and the hopes and dreams people have here. As a recent survey by Integra Realty Resources show, 75% of non-homeowners in the study between the ages of 22 - 50 said they wanted to buy a home. Many said they were unable to take advantage of good home prices and low interest rates due to job uncertainly or inability to gather a down payment, but ownership was still their dream.

A recent circumstance made me wonder if there are enough available homes in Louisville to help people reach their dream. A couple weeks ago, I posted this on my Facebook:

Agents & Homeowners: I have two diff buyers ready to buy NOW - Highlands/Crescent/St Matts - 180-300K. We have seen everything on market. Both are just waiting for the right one. Let me know if you have anything coming up!!

As of July 2, 2012, we have 8,470 homes on the market, a decrease of 19.4% since last year at this time. GLARMLS said in May that there was about seven months of inventory in the area, a bit more than the desirable six months supply. Are we running out of good, saleable homes in Louisville?

On the face of it, the answer is "no," but the real question is "are the homes on the market a good match for the people who want to buy them?"

Is the price right? The median...

Why Not List Your Louisville Home Now?

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, you may be  put off by last year’s stats. You also wonder how a Realtor® can help you in thismarket. You figure that if you wait until spring, you will have a better chance of being competitive.  As a Realtor® who loves to
sell in Louisville, I can offer three pieces of advice on this mild winter day to support listing it now: 
  • The economic impact is relative
  • List now
  • A good agent does matter

How are you doing?

Last year in real estate was a good one for me, but area agents sold 4% fewer homes in 2010 than in 2011 and sold them at about 3% less. The...

Home Staging: Tips for Louisville Sellers

I received a lot of comments on my I Hate That Color Blog.  It was agreed that something as simple as the wrong color of paint can prevent the sale of a home.

 In all my years as a Louisville Realtor®, I have learned many tips that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  Home Staging is simply making your home more appealing to buyers.  It is still a Buyers’ Market, so Sellers must make their homes as presentable as possible. 

Home staging can decrease the time your home is on the market and actually increase your selling price.

First, you need to make sure your home is clean and free of clutter.  Clutter doesn’t just refer to things laying around on your kitchen counters or table, it also refers to furnishings.  If you have a room that has way too much furniture, you need to remove the excess furniture so the room is more appealing.

Here we go back to paint.  You may love your black walls in your bedroom, but for most buyers this will be a real turn off.  Paint the walls a neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of buyers....

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