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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

As someone who sells a number of ranch homes in Louisville, I was interested in a recent article in Realtor® Magazine that discusses the "return of the ranch." This classic American style home may have fallen out of vogue with buyers and builders for time, but ranches have served many families for years. Now they are more sought after than ever before.

The History of The Ranch Home

Ranches, which became popular in the 50s 60s and 70s, took their design clues from American Spanish architecture in the 17th to 19th century. Often characterized by one-story construction with low roofs, wide eaves, interior courtyards, and large front porches, ranches were very common in southwestern states. After World War II, they lost their rustic styling and became the classic tract home - the very "little boxes on the hillside" memorialized in folk music.

The styling of the ranch house changed a bit region to region. In California, ranches accounted for 90% of new homes in the 50s and often reflected latest building trends to give them a modern look. Famous architect such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Eckler, and Robert and George Alexander put their touch on the style. In the Midwest and East Coast, the ranch acquired colonial trim to reflect regional tastes.

Characteristics of Ranch Styling

What united most ranch homes in style were certain characteristics:

  • Single-story construction with a long, low roofline
  • Rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped designs
  • Simple, open floor plans
  • Attached garages
  • Living area separate from the bedrooms
  • Sliding...

The Low Down On Trash Pickup And Waste Disposal In Louisville

 Warning! This is a trashy blog! 

Now that spring is here, you will soon be drumming up plenty of trash. When cleaning your yard after a long winter, you will have bags of yard waste. As you clean and declutter your house, what you don't give away, you may pitch in the trash. You may even have old tires, construction debris, and appliances as you clean out the garage and basement. What are the rules for disposing of these items in Louisville? 

The city of Louisville, which became larger in 2003 through annexation of the rest of Jefferson County, only picks up trash from people who live in the old city of Louisville or in the newly created Urban Services District. If you live in an incorporated city, your own locale will have its own rules for waste disposal. If you live in an unincorporated area, you may have to contract with a private waste hauler. 

Rules For Waste Disposal In Louisville 

Within the Urban Services District, there are criteria for each type of trash you need hauled away. 

Household Trash

  • Household garbage is collected weekly at the curbside. You must place your waste in a city issued cart, unless you have an exemption to use cans. All your waste must be placed in the cart. If you have more trash than what your cart will hold, you can purchase additional carts or a larger one that holds 95 gallons from the city.


  • Want to recycle? You can obtain an 18 gallon orange plastic container at no charge from the Division of Solid Waste Management or purchase a 95 gallon recycling cart for $50. If you rent, your landlord will sell you a...

Tips For Handling Local Moves In Louisville

If you were to ask homeowners for the three best real estate moments in their lives, the answers would probably be closing on a home, selling their current home, and moving into the new home. The actual moving process would be near the bottom of the list. Even moving from one Louisville neighborhood to another can be a hassle, especially as you acquire more "stuff" and fewer friends who are willing to help you  move it. 

During a local move, you must keep your eye on the prize of your new home and be not be overwhelmed by the myriad details. There are plenty of online lists to make your move easy, but here are a few tips for handling local moves in Louisville. 

Planning The Actual Move 

Decide how you will move. The choices ranges from hiring professionals who can pack, move your possessions, and unpack them to using a rented truck, a bunch of friends, and a case of beer. Using professionals can be pricey if you require all the services, but for a local move you probably just need the pickup and delivery. Even if you can't afford to hire movers for the whole job, it might be worth it to call in the pros to at least move some items for a local move, especially for heavy pieces. 

Consider a POD. One of the newest ways to move is to hire a POD, a large container that is delivered to your home so you can pack it at your leisure. When you are ready, the moving company who provides them will pick it up and deliver the POD to your new location. This method can allow you to organize your move and make fewer trips on local moves. 

PODS will even store your load until you are ready – a great option if there is a gap between when you need to move out of your old house and can move into you new one. You can unload the POD on your own timeframe. If you are refinishing the floors and aren't ready...

Looking For A Full-Service Louisville Realtor®?

As a Realtor®, I help my clients buy and sell homes in Louisville. That's my job, but I love my profession and my clients too. I try to go above and beyond to make everyone feel like they are getting a high level of service and offer many services and resources to make the transition from one home to the next as easy as possible. There's a reason why many of my clients become my friends, and vice versa. 

Here Are Some Of The Services I Offer

Looking for a house? Search Greater Louisville listings for sale on our website. You can set yourself up to receive emails of new listings to give you some great ideas of what's available.

Don't see what you want? When a client is looking for something extremely specific, I will knock on doors on a few houses that fit their needs to see if those people are interested in selling. Sometimes it works. 

Want to know exactly what you're buying? Did you know we use a professional appraiser to measure the square footage of our listings? Not only does it protect our clients by providing accurate information, it includes a floor plan with room measurements for marketing purposes. We use professionals to do what they do best and you should do the same! We know how to sell houses! 

Want to see your home at its best? Many buyers start their home search on line. I use only professional photos that are realistic, while bringing out the potential of your home. I just ask my sellers to remove the clutter so the photographer can do his magic. 

Have legal questions? We keep a top real estate attorney on retainer to answer any questions that might be out of my scope as a...

A Seller's Dream: Multiple Bids on Louisville Real Estate


house, keys, price tageIf you saw the Courier Journal on Sunday, May 19, you may have noticed a familiar face in the Business section: mine. I was quoted as part of an article on what is happening in Louisville real estates. For the first time in several years, we are seeing multiple bids on Louisville homes for sale.

There is no hard data on how many sales see multiple offers, but many agents in our area are seeing the same. In my own case, this has happened on four of my current 14 pending sales.

This is extremely good news for sellers –and for buyers who plan to occupy the homes.  In the past, investors got saw deals on bank-owned properties and got into bidding wars, but as I mentioned in the paper, “for regular, vanilla, Mr. Buyer and Mrs. Seller, you weren’t really seeing it past 2006 or 2007.”

Here is the deal though. Homes that bring multiple offers are in great shape and are priced right. Many buyers want homes in “move-in” condition and are willing to fight for them. Assuming that the price is right, it is my experience that will happen.

Sellers who...

Are Your Louisville Home Improvements a Buyer Turn Off?

Over the course of our last few blogs, we have talked about considerations you might have when buying or selling a home in Louisville. What do you want when you are a buyer?  What should you do if you’re selling?  The reverse of these questions are: What don’t you want as buyer and what you shouldn’t do as a seller?

You may buy a house and plan to make changes you want to fit your preferences of style and color and improve your kitchen to be a gourmet work center and your bath an in home spa.  You may want a pool in your yard or a pottery studio in your garage.  As a homeowner, you can do as you like, but there may be consequences when you go to sell if your improvements don’t appeal to the bulk of buyers.  Not only may you not get back much of what you put into the home, but selling it may be harder. According to a recent article on MSN Real Estate, some improvements actually turn away buyers. 

Most real estate agents will tell you that pools are tricky additions that may be a deterrent to selling – especially a quick sale – unless you are talking about pools in warmer climates or in more affluent areas. But there are more things that can turn off the average buyer.

Improvements that don’t pay are often those that turn the normal function of an area into something else. If you blacktop your entire backyard to make tennis court, you won’t earn much rate of return on the improvement and may have to wait a while for a kindred spirit who prefers tennis to lawn care.  The same goes for covering your yard with green cement.


Love Where You Live in Louisville!

 Washington Street in ButchertownLocation, Location, Location has long been the golden rule of real estate, and Louisville has great locations and a whole lot more! A recent survey by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC and the Meredith Corporation shows that location goes beyond the name of your street or subdivision. The amenities that are available in your community are beginning to play a bigger role with the buyer. Luckily, it is easy to love where you live in Louisville!

Many buyers are looking for a greater sense of belonging when it comes to the neighborhoods they live in. Families are spending more time at home and in the local communities. Easy commutes rank high on the list of things that are important to home owners. Safety and access to health care follow close behind as the top priorities to a family.

Here is a list of the top five things home buyers take into consideration when deciding where to look for a home:

  • The ease of the commute
  •  ...

Making Your Louisville Home Energy Efficient

We hear a lot of tips on making your home more “green,” but did you know that making your Louisville home energy efficient can make a critical difference when you decide to sell your home? Many buyers check the average cost of the utilities for a home. Having lower electric and water bills can make your property more attractive than others. Here are a few inexpensive changes that can help lower your monthly bills.

Get with the Program!

Using a programmable thermostat can save the average family up to 10% on their heating and cooling costs per year. When you are sleeping or away from home, setting the temperature to a lower setting in the winter and a higher setting in the summer can make a big difference in your bill. With a programmable thermostat you can have the temperature return to your comfort level right before you get home or wake up!


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