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Events in Louisville, Brought To You By Louisville Workers

This Labor Day, as you enjoy the many holiday events in Louisville because you are off work, is a good time to think about all the people who help put on the events. For event organizers and managers, construction crews, food vendors, cleanup crews, security guards, medical personnel, and musicians and other performers, this is not a day of rest.

The State Fair By The Numbers

You can get a perception of the workers involved in event staging if you examine the recently ended Kentucky State Fair. An interesting article in the Courier-Journal by Sheldon S. Shafer throughout some numbers that made you think of the people behind it. When you think of all the disposable items that someone also had to manufacture, get an even better view of the labor involved. You can read the whole article at article here, but here are a few interesting tidbits from his article "The Kentucky State fair by the numbers."

  • The state fair had 39 rides on its midway, each operated by several different people each day.
  • 91 artists played over 100 knee hours of music in entertainment tents and at Cardinal Stadium and Freedom Hall during the fair
  • Over 100 cases of pork shoulder, processed by meatpacking employees, were cooked at The Q Tent from Swift Processing in Butchertown. This was just part of the 100,000 pounds of pork prepared and cooked by fair vendors in total.
  • Workers from Newton's Homemade Ice Cream made 180 gallons of a screen each day on-site, while other fair labor cooked 25,000 corn dogs per vendor.
  • Bingo callers managed over 500 games of bingo on Senior Day.
  • Stable hands prepared over 2,500 horse stalls and newly 1200 pages for poultry, pigeons, and rabbits.
  • Factory workers somewhere produced large quantities of disposable products, such as about 25,700...

Give The Summer A Good Sendoff With Labor Day Activities In Louisville

Labor Day weekend is always the last hurrah of summer and there are always plenty of Labor Day activities in Louisville to enjoy. With weather forecasters predicting that another hard winter is ahead, it's a good time to get out and enjoy the best of Louisville.

For the record, it is the Farmer's Almanac making the dire predictions, but Live Weather Blogs has backed up the warnings by reporting that the Jet Stream and El Nino will lead to some extreme weather. In "Weatherspeak," this means that you will have some days are in early winter, followed by colder temperatures and more snow than usual, although not as much snow as last year. None of that is happening this weekend, so despite a little rain, you can give official summer a good sendoff.

Labor Day Activities In Louisville

This weekend offers a variety of interesting activities. Here are seven you might enjoy.

1.       Mayor's Hike Bike and Paddle. Celebrate the holiday with your favorite sport and hike at Waterfront Park, bike through downtown, Portland, and West Louisville, or paddle through McAlpine locks. Opening at 8 AM on Labor Day for pre-event yoga, tai chi, and Zumba, the event is free, except for what you might spend with vendors located at spots throughout the venue. Hikers and bikers start at 10 AM, while the boaters get started about 10:30. Paddle boaters will make their way to the New Albany boat dock, where TARC shuttles will offer a free ride back to Waterfront Park where vehicles are located. For the full itinerary details, see the city website 

2.       Four Roses Bourbon Kentucky Bluegrass &...

Enjoying The Kentucky Derby From The Infield

Are you going to the Kentucky Derby? If you wanted to hob knob with the rich and famous or even have a seat at the Derby, you probably planned your trip long ago. Traditionally, Derby tickets for the next year's race go on sale the day after the current race is run. Now, a week before the Derby, there are 4,200 tickets available in Lower Clubhouse 110 that range from $500-$1270 each, and random tickets available throughout the park that can cost well into the thousands. The most widely available tickets are General Admission tickets for standing in the infield.

 Your Derby Experience In The Infield

The infield tickets are $50, each plus parking. They are offer access to first-floor paddock and infield areas, but not to reserved seating areas or hospitality areas. As a general admission ticket holder, you cannot actually see the race and received no program unless you buy one. You can enjoy the party like atmosphere and even wear a hat. If you are the type of person who goes to an event for the experience, general admission tickets might appeal to you.

Derby veterans suggest that if you are opting for the infield, arriving early is the key to a good space along the fence. In the past, people have started to form a line at 3am, but the gates to not open until 8 AM. If you get there by 7:30 am, you have a good chance of getting a decent fence spot.

Infield Attire

For those who have tickets for the grandstand, bleachers, or "millionaires Row," dressing up is part of the Derby experience. Fancy hats are the order of the day. If you stand in the infield, you are likely to be amidst pockets of inebriated college students, so there is no dress code. Many people in this area tend to wear hats, that often caricature the hats worn in the fancier sections. Many make political or social statements and are whimsical. Aside from the optional hats, it is wise to dress for the infield based on the weather. Typically this means...

Up, Up, And Away As Great Balloon Race Sets Off Derby Week

Today, the last Sunday in April, 30 hot air balloons lifted off into the sky from Bowman's Field as part of the Great Balloon Race, the first event in the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby. The winners of the race are determined by which crew member throws a bag of Kentucky bluegrass closest to a big white X on the ground, but the crowd-pleasing event is a great way to promote Louisville and community fun. 

Many families start off the day at the race and then continue on to the ongoing Kroger's Fest-A-Ville on the Waterfront, a series of events involving music, food, and the outdoors that will run through May 2. 

What's On Tap For Today? 

Highlights for Sunday include: 

Being Festive But Safe This Holiday Season

Now that it's the holidays, your beautifully decorated Louisville home sets the scene for making more wonderful memories. Unfortunately, the lights and candles you use can lead to the tragic stories we read every holiday about some poor family who lost their home or maybe even a child due to a fire caused by a tipped over candle or defective lights. Fire departments around the country report that menorahs gone awry can set the house on fire too. No matter what holidays you celebrate, it's very important to take extra safety precautions to make sure your family remains safe. 

The Perils Of Excessive Decorating 

At the holidays, many people get into the "more is better" philosophy when decorating their home and use multiple sets of lights, electrically powered decorations, and candles displayed in special holiday holders. Even if you want to make your home look like something out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or The Great Christmas Lights Wars, make sure that your strands of lights are in good condition, without damage sockets or wires. Don't connect too many streams together, use worn-out extension cords, or hide cords under rugs. Make sure the lights for your outdoor displays are rated for outdoor use, and then install them on a ground fault interrupt or circuit. 

Christmas Tree Cautions 

While the lights on both artificial and real Christmas trees pose hazards, live trees pose a special set of risks. Especially this year when the trend has been to put up the tree as early as Thanksgiving (or before), you must make sure your true remains fresh throughout the holiday season. When buying a tree, make sure it looks fresh, and then when installing in your home, make a fresh cut in the base to assure it will properly soak up the water. Make sure to water your tree daily. If you have pets, make sure they are not either drinking the water or peeing in it. Even if you like Christmas...

Are Your Kids Begging For A Puppy For Christmas?

dog, poppyAre your kids begging for a puppy or kitten for Christmas? Even if it's just you in your household, are you thinking that a pet would be a good companion for you now into the new year? The holidays are a popular time to add a pet, but you need to shop carefully for the best one just as you would when shopping for a tablet or a bike. You should plan to give your new pet a forever home, so proper research will increase the likelihood that a particular pet breed is right for your family.

First, Consider…

First, the disclaimers. Bringing a pet into your household is a serious commitment of your present and future time and money. Are you prepared to handle the expenses and the drain on your time? Having your kids share in pet care is a good way to teach them responsibility, but as most parents know, many aspects of pet care fall back on them. You still have an obligation to the animal to make sure it is fed, walked, trained, and groomed, even if the novelty wears off with your kids. Can you handle it?

Holidays are hectic. Since pets, especially puppies and kittens, are demanding and sensitive to excitement, you might be better off waiting until after the actual holiday to introduce your new baby into the mix. Cleaning up accidents and acclimating a new member into your family can add to holiday stress.  

Anyone who knows me or reads my newsletters knows that I have two dogs that I am crazy about – Joe Cocker, a blond, and Johnny Rotten, a black and white parti-colored Cocker Spaniel. I got each of them near the holidays in years past and strongly recommend adding a pet if you are ready to take the plunge.

What Type Of Dog Suits Your Family?...

Louisville Holiday Events For Kids

Christmas is a busy time around Louisville, with plenty of activities for kids and families with kids. When you mix this with kids' Christmas programs, shopping, helping out the needy, tying up the loose ends of the year, December promises to be busy. With so much to do, the best way to enjoy yourself (and survive) is to target the events you would like to enjoy. (There is plenty to do for adults who want to soak in the best of Louisville, but that's another blog!)

You can get a full schedule of popular events here, but here are a few of the categories you might want to explore. Many holiday events take place on the site of well-known Louisville landmarks so you can mix a visit to a great attraction with a holiday event.

Breakfast  With Santa

If your kids want to meet Santa of close and personal and you want the cute pictures that will result from the meeting, you have many opportunities to arrange this

A New View Of Black Friday: Helping The Needy Of Louisville

In the words of Facebook pundits, Black Friday "is the day people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have." This year when many stores opened in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving and others started the Black Friday at 6 or 8 PM, the "thanks" had not even rolled off the lips of some people before the trampling began. Considering that we live in an online world, you could argue that Black Friday is more of a game that a necessity to get a "deal." 

The Real Black Friday 

Whether you think that Black Friday is an essential part of the holiday tradition or an unnecessary infringement on personal family time, there is another thing to think about. For many people in Louisville, celebrating Thanksgiving meant finding enough to eat for themselves and their family, not with positioning themselves to buy a 70 inch TV. Over the past three years, when the economy's been down and when people have been out of work, the need for food both at holidays and throughout the year has often outstripped the amount of donations. For many, the real black Fridays come toward the end of the month when the food runs out. 

During this past week, organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Wayside Christian Mission, and St. Vincent de Paul prepared holiday dinners for needy families. Students and faculty from Sullivan University even prepared for the 20 40 pound turkeys, 400 pounds of mashed potatoes, 40 gallons of gravy, and 800 servings of macaroni and cheese to the Salvation Army Center of Hope.   

More Holidays To Come 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we have officially acknowledged the start of the holiday season by lighting up a tree in downtown Louisville. In December, there will be a host of holiday-themed activities around town. Now that the season has officially morphed into Christmas and Hanukkah, the need that many families feel has not changed. The...

Scaring Up Otherworldly Halloween Events In Louisville

If modern life wasn’t scary enough, many people use Halloween as an opportunity to increase their scare factor. From now until Halloween, you can find haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, ghost tours, zombie themed events, parties, and more throughout Louisville, right alongside trick-or-treat events and alternatives. Here are a couple off-beat activities that adults might enjoy.

Haunting Entertainment In New Albany

Many of these venues are created to be frightening, but there are some Halloween events in Louisville that are based on historical reports of haunting right here. In New Albany, for example, you can sign up for walking tours to hear and reminisce about hauntings, murders, and paranormal events over the years. Led by Gregg Seidl, the Nefarious New Albany Walking Tour will visit the site of the city’s first murder victim, Frederick Nolte, in 1819 and conclude with one that occurred downtown in 1994. Seidl will tell you about reports of hauntings, always accompanied by tales of infamy, betrayal, and other horrible things.

He claims he is not a believer in ghosts, but as he puts it “things have happened on the tour that I can’t explain.” For example, guests who take pictures on the third floor of the old Central Hotel find strange streaks of light on the camera that they cannot see in person. Now the site of the Havana Blues Is Restaurant, the Central Hotel had many instances of supernatural activity, as current employees freely recount. A paranormal group known as PATH (Paranormal And Truth Hunters) has investigated the reports in New Albany, but found no scientific reason for her what happened.

Some of the ghosts noted in the tour are quirky. One spirit who lived at the hotel is a little old man in a top hat and cape. At the Café 27 on E. Main St., a ghost named Jasper...

6 Ways To Enjoy a Louisville In The Fall

Though the cooler weather indicated it was fall before the calendar did, now is officially time to celebrate the season throughout Louisville
. Before the excitement of the end-of-the-year holidays, there is plenty to do in our city that will get you out in the crisp air and enjoying your neighbors. The fall events in Louisville included in list offers something for everyone.

September Events T
hroughout Louisville.

Before the excitement of the end-of-the-year holidays, there is plenty to do in our city that will get you out in the crisp air and enjoying your neighbors. The fall events in Louisville included in list offers something for everyone.

  • IdeaFestival: Held at the Kentucky Center for that Performing arts from September 23-27, IdeaFestival offers discussions and exhibits put on by global thinkers in the world of arts, business, technology, design, science, philosophy, and education. Unlike many events and family-friendly Louisville this one has its main events each day from 9 to 5 and is more aimed at adults. If you feel you’re in a rut and need some new ways of looking at things, IdeaFestival is for you. There is a session on Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM that is geared to middle school children. The event finishes up on Saturday, September 28 with a 5K run/walk. For information and a schedule go to www.Ideaestival.com.
  • Ken-Ducky Derby: The big horse race in the Lou is over for the year, but you can
     potentially win prize money while you help Harbor House of Louisville, which helps people with disabilities find jobs and learn to live their lives to their full potential. Over 25,000 rubber ducks will be dumped into the Ohio River to race to victory. You can sponsor one duck for five dollars or 30 ducks for $100, with many support levels in between. The race is at 4 PM, but the festival goes from noon to 5 PM and includes live musical entertainment...

Boosting Attendance At The Upcoming Kentucky State Fair

Every August in Louisville, two events occur in a sequence so regular that even Pavlov's dog might see a pattern.  First, the Kentucky State Fair begins its two week run. Second, about a week later, Jefferson County Public Schools begin for the year. This year, the State Fair runs from August 15-25, while school starts on the 20th. Many families catch the fair during the first week as the last hurrah to summer vacation, and then visit at night and on the remaining weekend. Schools often incorporate field trips to the fair into the first week of classes.

Falling Attendance

Last year, fair attendance was off a bit. Fair officials made the point that the fair overlapped the start of school – but that is true most years. A more likely reason for the slightly lower attendance is due to external factors. Over the past couple years, the economy has been down. There are discount tickets available that knock a couple dollars off each ticket, but attending the fair is a substantial expense for a family, given the admission and parking fees, food costs, and tickets for additional events.

In addition, the admission fall off may have been tied to the closing of adjoining Kentucky Kingdom.  Many fairgoers enjoyed visiting the adjoining amusement park as part of their time at the fair. That park, formerly Six Flags, has been closed since 2010. Though the Fair has expanded its own rides to fill the gap, what they have cannot compare to the popular Kentucky Kingdom.

Weekend Parking Incentives

To attract more people this year, the fair is offering free weekend parking at the Green Lot of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Free shuttles will drop people at the fairgrounds to allow patrons to save the $8 fee. There is also a $5 lot at the old Executive Inn site that also has free shuttles. Using the shuttles will help visitors avoid traffic congestion along Crittenden Drive and Phillips Lane. People can even sidestep...

What's The Most American Way To Celebrate July 4th In Louisville?

As America welcomes the Statue of Liberty back into action for the first time since Hurricane Sandy, how is Louisville celebrating this great day in history?
Since the holiday falls on Thursday, it is the opening day of a four-day weekend for many. That may mean brats or ribs on the grill, cold beer, and get togethers at home or at local parks to celebrate July 4th In Louisville. For most people, fireworks figure into the mix.

Waterfront Park Independence Festival

Many folks got an early start by going to Waterfront Park for the annual Independence Festival. Usually an exciting blend of music, fireworks, and food in a great location, the Festival is also a venue to promote several causes dear to Louisville, such as Dare To Care, recycling, and environmentally-friend water distribution through  “Louisville pure tap® to GO” program. Though the weather for the Festival has been warm and rainy, you will get a glimpse of seasons, as Galt Hotel representatives will be on hand to promote their winter holiday productions, “Sing’n’Joy” and “Christmas at the Galt House Hotel.” You may need your umbrella at the park, but at least you can be happy you don't need boots yet.

Flea Market Extravaganza

If you love to flea market, you are in luck this weekend. You see over 600 booths of antiques, crafts, furniture, candles, bath and body, and surplus at the Kentucky Flea Market Fourth of July Spectacular July 4-7, 2013 at the Kentucky Expo Center. There is a free Kid Zone to occupy young non-shoppers while you wend your way through the booths.

More, More, More

Throughout the weekend, there will be celebrations in Crescent Hill, Jeffersonville, Phoenix Hill, and more where you can get plenty of holiday spirit. If you love music, you can enjoy ...

Teen Volunteering In Louisville Makes For A Productive Summer

It's summertime, school is out, and your teens may have time on their hands. They need a break from school, but too much unstructured time quickly grows old. You want their summer to be fun, productive, and enriching, so what are their options? For a teen, volunteering can be an exciting option. 

Volunteering to Make A Difference 

Many organizations in Louisville need volunteer help from people of all ages. If you volunteer yourself, you may be able to bring your kids along to help out regardless of age, but many organizations would welcome teen help. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can make a difference. Even if your teen has a job, there are ways to help. 

In times when budgets are tight, volunteers help to provide needed services while offering the helpers develop new skills and promote the idea of giving back to the community. The volunteer opportunity that your child pursues could help them identify interests that may be life-long passions or even fields of study for future careers. 

Last year, over 18,000 people contributed $5 million in time through the city's Volunteer Center to help out all kinds of organizations, but many other organizations need help too. For all teen volunteering opportunities with the Louisville Metro Volunteer Center, click here.

Options For Teen Volunteering 

If your kids love animals, for example, the Zoo or animal facilities such as Louisville Metro Animal Services (MAS) could use their help. MAS could use help with office tasks such as greeting visitors, working with animals, working adoption counselors, or kennel care. The Louisville Zoo has a volunteer program for kids 13-18 who are considering a career in veterinary...

Derby Time For Everyone

mint juleps, glass, Kentucky DerbyWhen you live in Louisville, Kentucky, you know that most of the month of April is devoted to preparing for the Kentucky Derby that is held on the first weekend in May. The event attracts 100,000 visitors, many from out of town, and brings well over $200 million to the city. Many of the events so associated with the Derby are underwritten by corporate sponsors to ensure plenty of activities even for people who don't attend the race.

You might say, "if you live in Louisville, why wouldn't you go to the race?” Going to the event is a pricey affair. The celebrities who sit in Millionaires Row, decked out in pricey hats, pay $5,000 for a seat and a buffet lunch. Tickets to see the race at Churchill Downs start at $65 per person for admission to the infield. Few attendees in the infield can see the race, but enjoy the spirit of the day, fueled by $11 mint juleps, hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches, Derby Pie, and other fare. Many Louisville citizens prefer to celebrate the event in bars or at backyard parties.

Pegasus Pins

Even if you aren't planning on attending the horse race itself, there is plenty to do to get you in the spirit. In the weeks preceding the Derby, the city hosts many events that are free to the public. The only requirement is to buy a five dollar Pegasus pin available throughout the city. Once the pin is registered, pin holders are free to come to at least 30 other free events. Amidst the parades, marathons, golf events, festivals, winetasting, and dinners that will continue through May 4 are many charity events. Some non-profits earn much of their annual budget from Derby-time fundraisers.

Reach Out To Louisville

Even without a pin, you can participate in one of the greatest events...

Therapy Dogs Make A Difference In Louisville

If you have a dog with a friendly, laid-back personality that everyone adores, you may have a pet with a special calling to help others. By receiving special training as a therapy dog, your lovable pooch can offer love and companionship to children and adults with illnesses, psychiatric disturbances, socialization problems, learning challenges, or disabling stress as a therapy dog. My own dog, Joe Cocker, recently received his certification as a therapy dog so I thought I'd share with you some of the great training programs for therapy dogs in Louisville for turning personable pets into invaluable lifesavers. Joe fits the profile for a therapy dog, as the pictures in this article show.   

Why Therapy Dogs? 

Dogs have the special ability to communicate with people and are often able to solicit feelings, reactions, and behaviors that people can't. When dogs are brought into hospitals and treatment centers, they can bond with children and adults and assist in therapy and recovery. Even children with developmental and intellectual disabilities make connections with dogs and develop better social skills as a result. They help lower blood pressure, help people relax and forget their pain, and encourage patients to overcome speech and emotional difficulties. 

As far back as World War II, dogs cheered up and entertained military patients, but therapy dogs were not systematically used until the mid-70s. Elaine Smith, an American working in England as a registered nurse noticed that patients responded when a chaplain brought his golden retriever companion to the hospital. When he returned...

Louisville Activities For Kids Make For A Cool Spring Break

The circus is coming to Louisville in late April, but if you are outraged at how circus animals are treated, you'll want to find some other activities for your family. Here are four alternative activities for kids that are fun without giving the wrong message

First, from April 5-7th, LEGO®KidsFest is coming to the Kentucky Exposition Center with activities to appeal to all age groups. There's a LEGO museum where you can see miniature and full-sized sets, plus plenty of opportunities for hands-on fun. Kids seven and over can attend the Master Building Academy to learn the basics of Lego building or improve their skills and then enjoy building, playing games, and participating in contests in the activity areas. If your kids love LEGO superheros, Star Wars, Chima, Friends, or any other LEGO sets, they can visit a play and exhibit area dedicated to these series. There will also be a marketplace where you can buy LEGO sets plus cool accessories. For a schedule of activities and information bout tickets, see the Lego®KidsFest website.

If your younger kids can't get enough Elmo and friends, you'll want tickets for Sesame Street Live: "Elmo's Super Heroes" In Louisville from April 12th-14th at the Brown Theater. The gang helps Grover re-find his "superness" and teaches a lot about healthy habits through song and dance. Tickets start at $15.75, but for a special treat, you can buy VIP tickets that include a pre-show photo opportunity with two of the Muppets. 

During the first week of April, when many kids are on spring break, you might be at work. An interesting...

Sharing Vision Louisville

Louisville is nicknamed "Possibility City," an acknowledgement that no how great our pasthas been, the future can only be better. Mayor Greg Fischer wants to grab and embrace the future with the new planning initiative called Vision Louisville that emphasizes "growth, authenticity, preservation, sustainability, and quality of place" while keeping the "weirdness" and "quality of place-quote all the things that make Louisville… Louisville.” 

Citizen Involvement 

Planning visions come and go but what's unique about the Mayor's vision is that Louisville residents are invited to collaborate with Norwegian planning firm Space Group. The effort was kicked off in September during the annual Ideas Festival when an interactive model of Louisville was created by 3D printers on a 1:1000 scale for attendees and to manipulate, shape, and change structures and then place them at a map of the city. The purpose was to get people thinking about what they wanted their city to be and to keep the vision real. 

Fischer realize that while the consultants might have ideas for Louisville development based on research of the past and their experience in cities worldwide, those who live here are a great planning resource with a stake in the city. As a result, the public is invited to leave their ideas on twitter, or e-mail them through the projects website vision Louisville.com. 

Looking For Great Ideas 

As the mayor points out, Louisville's history was shaped by great ideas such as the system of parks and parkways laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted, the Riverport industrial Park, the transportation hub created by the Portland Canal, highways, and the airport, and the innovative Waterfront...

Holiday Tips For Louisville Pet Owners

christmas, dogs, treeIf you have pets to brighten your life every day, they will be part of your Louisville holiday celebration too. As a pet parent, you want to keep them safe and non-stressed over the holidays. Here are a few cautions to make your holiday for you and your pets. 

  • As we noted in our last blog about common sense holiday tips, glittery trees beautify your home but pose dangers for pets. Curious cats and dogs can knock over an unsecured tree, drink stagnant tree water on live trees, or try to chomp on dainty glass balls.
  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly can be deadly for pets. Either use synthetic versions, or keep these poisonous plants out of the way of pets. 
  • Holidays are full of temptations for pets. The wiring from trees and holiday can be dangerous if your pet chews on it. Those batteries needed to run the kids’ toys are toxic to your pet too. Just like for small children, tiny toy parts can choke your pet.
  • As you enjoy the Christmas cookies, the fruitcake, the chocolates, and the spiked punch, keep in mind that none of these things are good for pets. No matter how much your pet begs, don't supplement his regular diet with rich, spicy human foods. Many human foods plentiful at the holiday, such as nuts, grapes, and raisins contain toxins harmful to pets.
  • Make sure to warn your holiday guests about slipping treats of the table to your pet or encouraging forbidden behavior, such as jumping on the couch.
  • Make your trash pet-proof or take it out to a locked can as soon as possible. Plastic six-pack...

Jessica’s Festive Holiday Common Sense Tips

reindeer. lightsHoliday time is one of the greatest times of the year to be a Louisville homeowner. You have your own personal space for entertaining, plus you can decorate to reflect your personality. Whether you make it look like an extravaganza worthy of Chevy Chase or Tim Allen or more a tasteful expression with lights in the trees and eaves, your home can be a welcoming place for the holidays. At this joyous time, however, there are some important holiday common sense tips to keep in mind to keep your home safe and energy efficient. 

Lighting tips 

Lighting your home for the holidays is beautiful, but can be costly. To prevent surprises when you open your electric company bill in January, make a switch to LED lights. These lights use 86% less electricity than other types and present no fire hazard. Other pluses? They are shatterproof and cool to the touch, which makes them safe around kids and pets - assuming that neither one yanks the cord and pulls down the tree. 

At the holidays, many people use more lighting than usual, from both electric lights and candles. Unfortunately, almost every holiday is marred with stories of homes destroyed and people killed from electrical and candle fires. This is true even for people who don't use Christmas trees. There are plenty of reports of fatalities and accidents from out-of-control Menorahs, too. However you celebrate your holiday, make sure you do not overload outlets or leave candles burning without supervision. Unattended candles and pets equal disaster. If your dog has a bushy tail that can clear...

Celebrate The Holidays In Louisville With A Rescue Dog Or Cat

With the holidays approaching, your kids might be begging to add a puppy or kitten to the family this year. While you or Santa should not make this decision lightly, a new pet to love might be a perfect gift. In Louisville, where many rescue dogs and cats await new homes, it is easy to bring home a four-legged gift. 

Are You Ready To Provide Forever Love? 

tree, dog, christmasFirst, the cautions. Having a pet is a big responsibility that goes far beyond the holiday season. Kids tend to ignore many of their must-have toys after they have them, but there is much more at stake if they ignore a pet. Dogs and cats are looking for "forever homes," so returning them to the shelter if they "don't work out" is a poor option. If you decide to adopt a pet this holiday, be committed. You may hope your kids will take some responsibility for the new addition to the family, but be prepared to care for the pet while the kids step up to the challenge. 

Second, make sure to pick out a pet that is appropriate for your family. Dogs and cats have personalities just like people do, so research different breeds before you make a selection. If you or your kids have allergies, you will find that some breeds that don't shed as much are less likely to irritate the allergies. Make sure to pick out a pet that is the right size for your living quarters. Great Danes and one-bedroom apartments seldom work. 

Third, when you're doing your research about pets, make sure you understand how much exercise different breeds require. Most pets need to be walked after a long day alone in the home, but some high-energy breeds need more serious exercise. If you know you'll have minimal time, make sure you find a pet who is requirements meet your limitations. ...

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