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Getting What You Crave: White Castle In Louisville

If you are from Louisville, dining at White Castle was probably one of your earliest dining experiences
. The classic chain, founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 and now based in Columbus Ohio, has been a Louisville institution since 1927. It's even likely that, back in the day, your grandparents stopped by early locations on West Broadway, West Liberty, E. Market St., or South Third Street to "buy 'em by the sack." 

These square little hamburgers grilled with onions on a steamed bun are considered by Time Magazine to be  the most influential burger of all times and to generations of Louisville college students, the most affordable. 

Back To St. Matthews' Steaks 

No longer five cents each, these little slider burgers, once called "St. Matthews steaks," are now very trendy. A new White Castle restaurant will open in March at 420 Shelbyville Rd. with amenities new to the porcelain clad castle-shaped building that characterizes the restaurant. There will be flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen island where patrons can watch their food being made. This will make the 24th White Castle in Louisville. 

Though this seems like a far cry from the company's humble roots, the chain has always been ahead of the curve on what people wanted and is known for its innovation. Here are a few interesting facts about the restaurant that has fed us: 

  • Designed to evoke an image of cleanliness, the buildings were actually white castles with a white porcelain enamel on a steel exterior. As gentrified as the amenities are becoming, the design has stuck over the years. 
  • Walt A. Anderson, one of the founders, invented the hamburger bun and was among the first to apply assembly-line thinking to sandwich making. He and his partner Edgar Waldo "Billy" A. Ingram developed standard instructions for making their hamburgers that restaurant in the chain used....

Real Estate Money Is Local Money: Keeping Construction Dollars In Louisville

family, homeWhen you buy newly constructed house, you may be looking for home for your family but your purchasing dollar goes a long way toward enhancing the local community. As noted in our previous blog about the benefits of buying local, you can keep the maximum amount of money in town by using local suppliers and independent businessmen men and women. Real estate money is local money!

Local Impact Of Housing Construction

The National Association of Home Builders (NAB) recently offered some statistics about   the economic impact. They claim that during the first year a house priced at $321,000 creates 3.24 full-time local jobs, $211,000 in local income $22,000 in taxes and fees for the local governments. On a permanent basis, this same house generates $31,000 in local spending, $7,430 in local taxes and .5 local jobs.

Keep Louisville Working

The statistics blur the fact that over 250 jobs are involved in building a 1200 square foot home, so the building process employs local tradesmen, office workers, estimators, accountants, supervisors, inspectors, and many others in different parts of the process. This has a local multiplier effect, so every dollar spent on a house produces $.48 of direct spending for wages and supplies and a ripple effects of $.52 beyond what spending in restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, and more. Once the home is built, new homeowners spend additional money on landscaping, appliances, furniture, curtains, and other items for their...

Why Buying Local In Louisville Is Worth Every Cent

buy local graphicsIf you follow my blog, you know that I like to promote local business. As a small businessperson myself, I know that I can provide great service to my customers, patronize other local firms that provide photography, staging, painting, appraisal, and other services, and still make a decent living while keeping costs in check.

When you talk about the value of buying local, it is easy to relate when you're talking real estate. That gets you where you live – literally. Real estate is local. In the words of the current Zillow commercial, when you buy a home, "You're not just looking for a house, you're looking for a place for your life to happen."

Local Community Assets

If Louisville is where you make your home, the prices of property are important to you, but so is the general prosperity of the city. You want to live in place where the streets are safe and not full of potholes, the air is clean and safe to breathe, the schools will help your kids excel, and the parks are well kept and inviting. You want great shopping, great features, and plenty of things to do.

There is an intricate relationship between what the city has to offer and the vitality of the local economy. Nationally-based businesses tend to set up shop in cities with great infrastructure and a good customer base; when they do well, they pay more taxes to support the city. In addition, a prosperous economy open up opportunities for small businesses to get started and prosperous too.

Why Buying Local Helps Louisville

As consumers, we are happy to see the Big Box stores and the national restaurant...

Fashionable Maternity Wear And More for Mom's At Louisville's Milk & Baby

Can't find cute maternity wear for that growing baby bump?

My long time friend Beth Knockwafel is the mother of two sweet boys and a breast feeding advocate! She owns Milk & Baby, an online boutique for maternity & nursing wear you'll want to check out.

Just because you're pregnant or a nursing mom doesn't mean you want to unfashionable. If you love to be stylish, do you want nine months of wearing flowing muu-muus or shirts with cutsey sayings and arrows pointing to your stomach?

At Milk and Baby, you'll find grown-up clothes appropriate for life and business at reasonable prices. The online store offers gift certificates, a nice alternative gifts for moms-to-be and new mom too.

Visit her store today at www.milkandbaby.com. Like Milk and Baby on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/shopMilkandBaby.

Thanks for being a part of the local independent Louisville business scene, Beth.

Jessica Gaines JarboeLouisville Gaines Real Estate.


Support A Local Louisville Business From Mary Kay Consultant Julia Lish

Looking for great skin care line where some of your dollars go to support a hardworking Louisville business person? If so, consider buying beauty products from my friend and client, Mary Kay consultant, Julia Lish.

Working as an independent consultant for Mary Kay has enabled Julia to manage her business from home. A stay-at-home mom of two, she earns income that helps her family while doing something she loves. She also goes the extra mile for her customers.

Julia is following in the footsteps of company founder, Mary Kay Ash, who started the company 50 years ago in 1963 based on the Golden Rule and a little down-home Texas wisdom such as "praising people to success” and “sandwiching every bit of criticism between two heavy layers of praise.”  Mary Kay is now a worldwide company with 2.4 million sales consultants.

You can reach Julia on line at http://www.marykay.com/julialish or call her at 502-592-7785 You can like her on Facebook at http://facebook/julia.lish.

I love the Mary Kay skin care line and Julia's service. She drops my order right at my front door when I reorder!

Thanks for being a part of the local independent Louisville business scene, Julia.

Jessica Gaines JarboeLouisville Gaines Real Estate.


Coffee With A Stimulating Agenda: Louisville’s Heine Brothers

heine brothers louisville, louisville coffee shops
Louisville may be a bourbon town, but it's also a coffee town. Within the Louisville area, there are several local coffee roasters, including the ever-expanding Heine Brothers, that offer patrons a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Served in shops that offer a distinct neighborhood flavor, these local shops are an important component of the independent business sector in Possibility City. Louisville has its Starbucks locations -over 40 of them in the area - but Heine Brothers is a local favorite. 

Local Brewing History 

Heine Brothers was started in 1992 by Mike Mays and Gary Heine, an ex-attorney and ex-copywriter who loved coffee and saw the potential in developing places for people to enjoy it. They set up an espresso cart in an East Louisville grocery store in the city using beans they roasted in 3 pound batches in a coffee roaster no bigger than a large mailbox. By 1994, Heine Brothers opened its first neighborhood shop at 1295 Bardstown Road and went on to open six additional locations. 

From the start, Heine Brothers stood for a lot more than a good cup of coffee. The company stood for sustainability, recycling, and justice. From the beginning this company has been an organic, fair trade coffee house that ensures that the growers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia earn fair wages. In 2000, the partners cofounded Cooperative Coffees, a purchasing cooperative for organic fair trade growers. Along the way, the company has also...

Support A Local Working Mom At Cordial Lee

Have you seen those adorable pettiskirts in newborn baby pics?  You can get those & much more from this local mom!!

Cordial Lee Gift Boutique and Print Studio specializes in Custom Invitations, Birth Announcements, Personalized Stationery, Chic Accessories, and Preppy Monogrammed Gifts for Women, Children, and Baby. You can see the wide assortment of products on line and then order securely. can get those & much more from this local mom!!

This proud “Mom-Owned” business offers only the best merchandise from a hand-picked selection of other mom-owned businesses.

You can feel good about your purchases from Cordial Lee knowing you are supporting a working mom. Call Shelby Lee Packer at 502.741.9482 or look at the perfectly personalized items on the website at http://www.cordiallee.com/. Make sure to like Cordial Lee on Facebook for great deals and specials.

As a local business owner, I support fellow entrepreneurs. Local business is big in Louisville!

Jessica Gaines JarboeLouisville Gaines Real Estate.


Mergers Dominate Louisville Healthcare Scene

Louisville, known for its bourbon and Derby doings is also a big healthcare town too. Healthcare facilities and health insurance companies dominate the list of major employers and employ many Louisville citizens, as the healthcare sector keeps on growing. In healthcare, mergers is the name of the game, and Louisville is a player. 

Why The Trend Toward Mergers?

Hospital mergers allow facilities have access to better equipment, improve electronic medical record systems, and provide better medical care at lower  costs. In an era where reducing costs is a necessary challenge, mergers are an effort to reduce costly duplicate facilities and allow hospitals to have better leverage in negotiating payments from insurers.

The process can be hard on communities, which have come to trust their local hospital. Mergers also bring up hot issues as to whether the new merged facility will continue to provide care to the needy and offer procedures, despite different philosophies, especially about reproductive care. 

KentuckyOne Health Announces Headquarters 

KentuckyOne Health, formed over a year ago by the merger of Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's Healthcare in Louisville and St. Joseph Health System, Inc. in Lexington, just announced that it decided to build its corporate office in downtown Louisville. The new system, which includes 200 hospitals, clinics, primary care centers physician groups, specialty institutes, and home health agencies in Kentucky and southern Indiana, employs over 15,000 employees, including nearly 9,000 in Louisville. The new headquarters take over space in the Kentucky One building at 250 E. Liberty St., near Floyd Street. 

The move will result in 10 new corporate level jobs, but the extensive...

Special Treats From Louisville's Three Dog Bakery

dogs. cocker spaniels, cakeThere are three birthdays in our house this week, two for my lovable cocker spaniels, Joe Cocker and Johnny Rotten. Though these dogs live a charmed life the other 364 days of the year too, we prepared for their special day with a visit to the Three Dog Bakery located at 3929 Chenoweth Square. 

We came out with two cakes and some badges dogs, cakae, chairfor our birthday boys, who turn 3 (Joe) and 2 (Johnny) this week. The cakes exemplified the bakery's commitment to "fresh-baked all-natural, healthy dog food & treats" that use "human-quality" ingredients. Made with peanut butter and variety of other ingredients, they looked and smelled great. As you can see from the pictures, Joe and Johnny enjoyed the cakes. 

dog, cake,  eat, chairA world-wide franchise with about 40 stores, Three Dog Bakery in Louisville is locally owned by businessman Steve Wilson. Also the owner of five dogs himself, including Prescott, a black pug who has competed in the Westminster Dog Show, he loves having a business that welcomes dogs and their owners. He and his staff get pretty creative in presenting delicious treats and 

dog, nap, birthdaydecorating the bakery. Watch...

Fourth Street Live Rocks Louisville

Right smack in downtown Louisville is a pedestrian mall that serves office workers during the daytime, attracts a nighttime crowd to its bars and restaurants, and provides another concert venue for the city. Fourth Street Live, marked by a giant guitar, in the part of Fourth St. between Liberty Street and Mohammad Ali Blvd., is the ideal destination for a night on the town for visitors and Louisville residents as well.

The location is great - just a short walk from Waterfront Park, Yum! Center, Main Street, downtown hotels, and many other downtown attractions. After you attend another event in Waterfront Park or Yum!, you might sidestep the traffic and extend the fun by hanging out in Fourth Street Live for a bit. The parking in after 6pm weekdays and all weekend is free, which is one more incentive for dropping by. It is also near enough to the big Louisville hotels that visitors won't be tempted to drink and drive and can even sidestep the cab fare.

So what's there? In short - retail shops, a food court, and great bars and restaurants. Current food court offerings include Wendy's, Cold Stone Creamery, Taco Bell, Café Taipei, and Subway. You can do a quick errand at Footlocker, T-Mobile, and CVS during lunch, but notably, the  CVS is open till midnight, which makes it handy for the late night crowd.

The more upscale sit-down restaurants, bars, and clubs there are a combination of national chains with some unique Louisville places as well. There is Hard Rock Café and a TGI Fridays, but also the first-ever Maker's Mark Bourbon...

Make It Taste Like Home by Shopping Louisville International Markets

Since Louisville was largely settled by immigrants from Western Europe, especially German, Irish, English, and French immigrants, the demand for food that tastes like home has always been strong here. Over the last decades, many people of Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Russian, Bosnian, and Southeast Asian origin have flooded into Louisville and now call it home. Part of coming to a new country means acquiring new tastes, but having stores that carry what it takes to make native dishes eases the transition.

What if you live in Louisville and want to make foods that remind you of your ethnic roots? What if you want to try your hand at making some of the great ethnic foods you sampled in Louisville restaurants? Given the multicultural nature of Louisville, you should able to find a place that sells the ingredients that you need. When using imports from a local source with the locally produced fruits, meats, and vegetables, you can create your dish with a local flair.

Many local markets such as ValuMarket, especially the Mitscher Avenue branch, carry ingredients for international cooking. Places like Lotsa Pasta on Lexington Rd carries Italian, Asian, and other nationality-theme supplies, plus a selection of homemade Italian food. In addition, Louisville has a great selection of markets that cater to specific international food tastes. Here is a sampling of international markets:

  • African – African Market Millenium on Bardstown Rd. or Darou Salam on Beuchel Ave.
  • Caribbean - Caribbean Delights on Glen...

Get Your Rest on a Local Louisville Mattress


As I was writing my recent blog about the Great Bed Races featured as part of the Derby Festival, I got the thinking about local bedding manufacturers right in the Louisville area. Although we have our share of mattress warehouses and other national chains, we also have companies that make mattresses and other bedding nearby.

Right here in Louisville, that Giddings Bedding Company has made mattresses since 1942 when George Bernard opened the doors. Now made by the third generation of family members, the company offers regular size bedding and also special sized bedding for antique beds, which tend to be shorter. Giddings also offers Symbol Mattresses, a line of luxury foam mattresses, which are also available in standard or special sizes. These beds are similar to Tempu-pedic mattresses, which were founded in 1992 by Robert Trussel, a horse breeder from nearby Lexington.

In nearby Jeffersonville Indiana, the Bowles Mattress Company has offered quality mattresses to customers within customers within 200 miles of its factory since 1975. As a family-owned business, George and Opal goals sold mattresses directly to the public and to local furniture stores to local furniture stores. By 1981, the Bowles move their company to an old warehouse building at 1221 Street in Jeffersonville. This additional space allowed for business growth, so by 1990 the company expanded again and then added equipment to make for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Bowles supplemented their line of residential mattresses...

Something's Buzzing in Sweet Louisville

Urban beekeeping keeps Louisville buzzingSince December, 2009, the population of Louisville has exploded exponentially with the legalization of urban beekeeping. Recently, this thriving form of urban agriculture was in the spotlight as beekeeper Lorie and Ted Jacobs and their hives were featured on Ket's "Kentucky Life show," hosted by Dave Shufetts..

The Jacobs are part-time beekeepers from Brownsboro--Zorn who have two three hives in their back yard which they use to produce honey and for Derbee City Lip Balm, which they both sell and give away. With over six years experience, they are considered local experts. They were recently called upon to capture a renegade swarm at a home near Bellarmine University. They are quick to educate their neighbors on bee behavior, which poses no danger to them.

If you have ever seen The Bee Movie with jerry Seinfeld, you may understand why beekeeping has been a passion for the Jacobs and the many other beekeepers throughout Louisville. Bees are not “pests,”  perform an important service in pollinating both flowers and food crops. Due to pesticides, disease, and even weather patterns, bees are dying off. Up to now, “gypsy” colonies of bees have aided American agriculture. Both commercial beekeepers and hobbyists have a role to play in nurturing colonies of bees....

Muth's Candy at 91: Sweet and Strong in Louisville

If you have a sweet tooth and want to support local business in Louisville, you can do both by taking a trip to Muth’s Candy store at 630 E. Market St. A Louisville institution since 1921, the store is family owned and operated, with nieces and nephews of the original owners making the hand-dipped candy.
Muth’s Candy was founded in 1921, by Rudy Muth and his wife, Isabelle. The confections were popular in among workers in the manufacturing plants and office along E. Market. The company survived the Depression, the great flood of 1937,and the World War II years when family an d friends donated their sugar rations to keep the store alive. As the neighborhood changed, many other businesses left the area.  Now, with the resurgence of the neighborhood as NuLu, business is booming once again. The store celebrated its 91st birthday in February.
As Martha Vories, granddaughter of Isabelle’s sister remembers, “This is probably the best part of downtown, after the north end of Fourth Street. There are lots of condos and offices now,” she said. “Muth’s has moved only once — we used to be at 526, but they built the expressway over it. We’re still within a block of where my great-uncle and his wife started out.”
Muth’s is still place where you can get a box of candy with the assortment you want. The ingredients are fresh and the candy is hand-dipped. The store offers 14 favors of chocolate-covered creams, eight...

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