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Time to Shape Up, Louisville

Swim for health, LouisvilleOkay, Louisville…I have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news:  Remember how envious we were when Oklahoma City got that NBA team?  According to the annual American fitness index, Louisville ranked higher than Oklahoma City when it comes to health and fitness.  Hurrah, we beat them!  

But, before we start celebrating our victory, I must tell you the bad news:   When it comes to health and fitness of the most populated metropolitan areas, we ranked an unacceptable 49th place and Oklahoma City came in last place with a ranking of 50.  Come on, Louisville, it’s time to shape up! 

Summer is here and Louisville offers so many fun activities.  Why not join the Louisville YMCA?  Don’t forget about Louisville’s Metro Parks and Recreation Summer Camps.  These are indeed affordable ways to keep our families in top physical condition. 

Another way to get our ranking up is to eat healthier.  Louisville has many wonderful Farmers Markets that offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  To learn about the benefits of fresh produce, check out the Fruit and Veggie Guru.  Need recipes for preparing all that fresh produce?  Capa Organic has a wonderful recipe index that lets you select the fruit or vegetable recipe you are searching for.

Of course, it goes without saying that smoking is very detrimental to your health.  Louisville offersfree resources to those who want to get healthier and kick the habit.

What a wonderful city! Louisville has so much to offer its citizens. No wonder we all love it here.  I’m Jessica Gaines, a resident of Louisville and one of its top Realtors.  I love assisting anyone who wants to relocate to Louisvilleand sharing all the wonderful things Louisville has to offer.  Already live here?… Not a problem.  If you want to sell or purchase a home, contact me at Louisville Gaines Real Estate. We all want to stay in Louisville as long as possible…so, let’s shape up and improve our ranking

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