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"Be Prepared" Louisville - A Motto Not Just For Scouts

 You may remember the motto - "Be Prepared," from your time with the Boy or Girl Scouts. In Louisville, we should all take this motto to heart and make it a part of our lives.

As you know, Kentucky has a history that includes both floods and tornados. These include the historic flood of 1937 and the devastating tornado of 1890. There was not another major tornado in Louisville for 84 years until 1974, but that was a douzy. Out of the eight states affected by this nation's second deadliest tornado outbreak this April, Kentucky fared much better than the other seven states.

Due to its close proximity to the Ohio River, Kentucky is prone to floods. Two such floods occurred in March, followed by another one in April of this year.

Why am I telling you all of this? I want you to Be Prepared. As one of Louisville's top real estate agents, I would be doing all of you an injustice if I did not address the affects that Mother Nature can have on our homes and our beautiful city. However, I will tell you that I wouldn't live anywhere else. I know of no city, state, or nation that is exempt from the wrath that Mother Nature can leave in her path.

What I do want to stress is that we all need to Be Prepared. For most of us, our homes are our biggest investment. We must protect this investment. Your basic homeowner's policy protects your home from tornado damage, but you will need catastrophe insurance to protect your home from other natural disasters like floods. Make sure to have enough coverage on your home, preferably replacement coverage.

Thinking of buying catastrophe insurance? Here are a few question to ask before buying. Here's a good article with some tips and questions that you should ask before purchasing catastrophe insurance.

If you are considering building a new home there are several things to take into account to make your home sturdier. I can assist you with all your real estate needs, whether you want to build a new home or buy a preexisting home; I am Jessica Gaines, your Louisville real estate expert. As a native Louisville resident and rehabber, I can share some insights about great properties that might need some love.

Remember... just like any other city, anywhere in world... Louisville is not exempt from Mother Nature, but how many other cities can offer you what Louisville can? My answer to that question is: NONE!

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