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A Time to Remember and Celebrate

 memorial day, cemetary

Memorial Day weekend is here.  Is there any better time to personally thank all the military men and women who so bravely serve our country?  We also must extend a heartfelt thank you to their families who also sacrifice a great deal in the absence of their loved ones.  I was so glad to hear about the Joining Forces campaign  that is trying to make life a little easier for our military families.  There are ways that we all can help military families.  We may have missed this year’s appreciation day, but just a simple “Thank You” can mean so very much.

Of course, on Memorial Day we must pay homage to the brave soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  I can’t imagine the pain their families are going through.  I hope it brings them some comfort to know how much we appreciate the sacrifice their loved ones made for our country.  There are many websites that are devoted to the loved ones of our Fallen Warriors.  My favorite is website is www.operationwearehere.com/FallenWarriorsWeRemember.html because it contains a wealth of useful information.

On a lighter note, Memorial Day is also a time to celebrate the life of those we have lost.  There is no better city to celebrate Memorial Day than Louisville.  We don’t just celebrate for one day; we turn Memorial Day into Memorial Weekend!  There is something for everyone from Reggae music…to camping… to golf.  Louisville is known for its annual Abbey Road on the River, Memorial Day event.  This event is a wonderful tribute to the Beatles.  A must for all Beatle fans.

I know those of you who are visiting Louisville are going to fall in love with this wonderful city.  Louisville has so much to offer. Who wouldn’t want to live here?  If you checked out the last link, than you know that Louisville housing costs are 10% below the national average.  Check out these affordably priced, amazing homes on our website. For all of your real estate needs, Jessica Gaines. Louisville’s local real estate expert is the one to call!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Again, a great big “thank you” to our military and their families.

Remember, our loved ones would want us to celebrate their life, not mourn their death.

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